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  1. Almost the entire neighborhood has street parking. Drive 2-3 blocks east or west of Bardstown and you'll have no issues finding a spot.

  2. Once you said the new owner was Brookside I know this was going to be bad. That property company is a leech on society.

  3. I used to live in an apartment complex in Bowling Green, KY that was purchased by Brookside. OP’s story almost exactly matches mine and my neighbor’s. Purchased, “luxury” renovations, huge rent spike. Mine went from 1,300 -> 2,100 for a 3br. In _ Bowling Green_.

  4. Oddly specific post headline. Do only type ones protest, or do only type ones need, oh I don’t know, insulin maybe?

  5. The graphic was made with type 1s in mind, however, you’re right. I’ll try to be more inclusive in the future.

  6. I originally posted this in June of 2020 after the Black Lives Matter protests started. With protests starting again over Roe v Wade this info bears repeating.

  7. Groundspeak has a "no agendas" rule which keeps things pretty neutral. We had a new cache in my area named "Let's Go Brandon" that got removed quickly.

  8. Using halftime to plug, you can donate to the Team Western Kentucky Tornado Relief Fund established by the commonwealth here:

  9. Currently in WKU’s student section. Been going to games since 2018 and this is the largest and loudest crowd I’ve seen. The whole city wants this.

  10. Currently at Diddle Arena for WKU vs Louisville in Basketball, they showed the end of the game and the (nearly sold out) crowd went wild.

  11. Well-needed good news after what happened in Bowling Green and western KY last night. Was a good break from worrying about my hometown.

  12. Series of tornadoes tore through Western Kentucky, including Bowling Green. There’s at least 70 dead, hundreds missing. Warren County alone has lost 500+ homes and 100+ businesses. Mayfield, KY has been completely leveled.

  13. From someone who is a stats junkie - congratulations!

  14. That webcam is my second one ever, the first one I found I just happened to pass by when I was on vacation. Had no idea they were so rare!

  15. Assuming you only find traditional caches with <10 FPs each, you’d have to find 16 caches.

  16. Oer can't say anything about pins anymore. They're ok as long as appropriate.

  17. The uniform poster in our store says incentive pins only. Guess it’s time for an update!

  18. No I believe you, my store’s COMM-11 is an older one and says no pins, guess that’s on my GM. I’ve only been working for Domino’s for about 3 months now so I’m not 100% up with all the OER requirements.

  19. Any bleeding at the injection site? Have you tried various spots?

  20. It happens on both sides of my stomach. Never seen blood but there’s always a bit on the end of the filament when I remove it, even on ones that last 10 days.

  21. How much is "consistently"? Is it every other sensor? Every third sensor? 6th?

  22. It’s every sensor since I got this transmitter, which makes me think it’s the Tx or my phone

  23. Raves were how I got into social VR! When the pandemic began I found the (now-defunct) game Wave, which had user-made EDM concerts. The friends I made there convinced me to play VRChat.

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