1. Vampysubhub. I've been working on my affirmative style and I believe it covers everything now.

  2. I don’t work at a call center (this post randomly appeared in my feed), but I fucking hate conversing with a robot. There are fewer things that irritate me more, and I hope you all get to keep your jobs in the future.

  3. I’m in the same boat, except I’m so non-personable with them that I’ve only been hit on once or twice. I’ve had them complain that I’m “rude”, I think that’s a fair trade off for not being hit on by gross men. Also I’m behind a kiosk and usually with a male co-worker, that’s probably why they don’t try anything lol.

  4. I knocked up my main and side piece same day. 7 years later, I am paying the max for both and smashing neither.

  5. Was in Detroit, turns out I look better when I’m fat 😂

  6. I almost met Nick Dubin, I was a teen at the time and my mom tried to drag me to one of his Asperger group meetings but I didn’t want to go. Turns out I was better off 🤷🏻‍♀️

  7. It’s not cheating unless you’re fucking them. And it isn’t our business whether the man is married or not, he’s going to come to the strip club anyway and find what he’s looking for.

  8. I dont offer extras. I know it might seem hypocritical after admitting the kiss.

  9. Yep, I’ve personally never felt guilty because it’s not a serious environment. If anyone should feel guilty, it’s them because they chose to come in.

  10. I believe they come with Generations. Someone needs to make a mod where you can hold a viewing for the body, and there’s a chance of someone knocking it over. Then everyone would be screaming and freaking out around the casket 😂

  11. Exactly, like I’m imagining the animation for when a sim is panicking over another sim in labor, but in front of the overturned casket lmao

  12. This feature annoys the hell out of me lol, also the constant calling for dates (mostly from married sims).

  13. The nose is hilarious for some reason. Well done.

  14. A baby that was unnaturally much larger than normal due to Galbys interference

  15. He wasn’t that much bigger than Saphira, still small and inexperienced compared to Glaedr. Also that bite seemed like a sneaky tactic, not like it was influenced by the eldunari.

  16. I honestly think that the more kids breeders have, the less they care about them. Taking your kid to a crowded place and not watching them is basically asking for them to get snatched, and part of me thinks they subconsciously want that. There’s no other explanation.

  17. Back in my late 20s (I'm in my early 40s now) someone called me "sir" and I was like, wtf

  18. I’m 26 and get called “ma’am” often 😬

  19. called out of work because i hurt my back putting on pants

  20. One time I fucked my neck just from opening a window.

  21. You’re adorable and you have great tiddies 💕✨

  22. Wow you’re very kind, when I hear a baby screeching in the store it makes me grimace.

  23. That's because most TCAP followers don't actually care about kids, and a solid chunk of them are simply projecting and would love nothing more than to fuck a kid.

  24. I agree with the not caring about kids part, but it’s a bit of a stretch to say they’re projecting.

  25. Time span being the anal rape, or until the day I die?

  26. If you were ACTUALLY presented with this option, there’s no way you would say yes.

  27. It’s even worse to say that you only like your own kids (not that disliking kids altogether is bad). It makes you look like a selfish asshole who only cares about their own blood.

  28. I hung out with some dudes a while ago who were traveling for some kind of weed convention, and they put joints in my bra and thong 😂 it was a good time.

  29. I like ya setup G. Also that cake 😩🤤

  30. Dishawnesty and women who only want ya for your wahlet.

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