1. he sounds like chris griffin after smoking for 10 years

  2. i was the 69th upvote, which i found extremely sexy at this point

  3. i got stuck on this too, look up the level playthrough on yt because i cant explain it well

  4. I have horrible concentration issues and horrible sensory issues. I agree.

  5. Thats amazing... but you probably shouldnt be on reddit at 9yo

  6. Easy swap everyone hates the venom movie body toes so swap them with Mephisto and bam win win

  7. is that arkham knight and how do i get there

  8. Arkham Asylum and it’s under the elevator that Harley Quinn blows uo

  9. is brian articulated? where did you get him

  10. He can move his head side to side and arms up and down, dunno where he's from originally, found him in a thrift store

  11. i think yours has a lot of elements that are better than the new release

  12. i like the batman and robin tdkr two pack

  13. You can go to comics and cocktails , kapow toys, curibo, toy trash and emporium of cool. I’ve used all of them never had any issues and nothing but good service. Hope that helps

  14. manchester or birmingham moment

  15. something i do is separate two figures from the rest of them if they are interacting with each other, so i think if you moved rhino and spidey somewhere else it might more sense πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘

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