1. Okay. Here's the deal: there's around, maybe, a 25% chance what Lorne is saying is actually true using basic logical deduction.

  2. He does reference it in his sex offender treatment class writing assignments that they would both take turns sucking eachother off so I believe it did happen. I'm not going to downplay any possible trauma but I don't think he's making up doing things with his brother. I just don't see it being as one sided as Mr Penis likes to make it out to be when he is needing an excuse to justify his bad behavior.

  3. I don't want to downplay anything Lorne has faced either tbh, I admit seeing pictures of him as a little, innocent kid makes me sad seeing what he would later become - but what's even more sad is that Lorne has lied so much that it is almost impossible to believe anything he says without some third party supporting it. He has literally lied so much that therapist trained and honed in their practice for decades can only say that he is lying, but they don't know when or if. Can you imagine that? Everyone has a "tick" when lying, even thinking you don't have a tick, gives you a tick - but Lorne is illuding psychiatrist who spent a majority of their life cutting through fluff, it's honestly somewhat impressive.

  4. Not from the chatlogs, but something ridiculous Lorne said that's stuck with me, was when Ramona asked him what's in it for her to stay and endure his abuse, and Lorne tells her, "whale, you'll get a good guy eventually!"

  5. Out of all the others, the Ramona catfish calls encourages the most rewatches imo. There is some absolutely hilarious stuff you wont catch on your second run.

  6. Same! I thought I was going absolutely insane.

  7. Yep found that bug too, three times actually. All you have to do is close and open the app again fortunately but it's still a major tilt.

  8. If you want a serious answer, the Ramona saga is deceptively convoluted because you're only seeing, roughly, one month worth of calls. Ramona was talking to Lorne for nine months before the saga happened, but didn't record anything because she talked to Lorne in secret - when Winnie and the rest of the Church of Cawd found out, they basically, forecefully confederated her under the Church's banner and made her record the calls, lest she got doxxed, embarassed, and shamed.

  9. Thanks so much. This is exactly the context that I needed. So wait, does that mean that Ramona actually liked Lorne? I mean, if she isn't recording and had no intention until she was cornered into doing so, she probably intended to have a genuine connection with him? That actually makes her even more interesting to me as a character.

  10. There's a niche theory that Ramona "actually" liked Lorne, but the general consensus is she was morbidly fascinated with him, the same way you'd be fascinated with some sick animal or corpse, and not much more. She was also (at least characterized herself as) a student of psychology so that could also play a role, I admit, if I was in that field and able to talk with Manson, Dahmer, or Kempers in secret with no harm being done to me due to the distance, I'd probably give it a go. Sounds crazy, but all the catfishes are insane and asocial, every single one of them, it's the only way they have the time and justification to even talk to Lorne for so long.

  11. I wrote a comment at 1am about this on here but admittedly was dead tired so I'll expand on my thoughts more.

  12. This is just my theory: but this all seemed to happen around the time that some big youtubers started talking about and covering TCAP and bringing way more attention to it and I'm sure this had something to do with it.

  13. I certainly do believe he would. . . but uh. . . without any weapons, let's try to be honest: could he? I don't think so. Even a 13 year old girl could give him a hard knock on the head and he'd be down pretty quick.

  14. I haven't seen that term since my days of reading fanfiction.

  15. I knew it seemed too good to be true because in a game like this it's bordering p2w. Does anyone understand how it mechanically works gameplay wise yet? Does it have a CHANCE to give immunity, or?

  16. I just downloaded the game and don't see an option for a battle pass at all o-o

  17. Yep, that's the last straw for me. Quitting time.

  18. I thought it was weird how anti-JoeysTCAPchannel and pro ember he is

  19. There's actually some decent fan theories that raptor bacon may be Ember in disguise, but I just think they're a leftover fanatic left in her wake.

  20. Did any of them keep a channel ? Like why doesn’t ember or “tiffany/casey2 still have a channel? Did they get nuked? Or what happened

  21. What we know objectively is that Winnie/Ember deleted her channels because her family (husband and son) were so alarmed by her Lorne addiction she had to delete her channel because they outright left from from it. As for Tiffany/Casey I'm admittedly not aware.

  22. I'm loath to compliment Lorne, but he has surprisingly decent penmanship. Doesn't negate the fact that he's a poverty-stricken, idiotic pedophile.

  23. Apparently, Lorne was journaling every single day while in prison and actually wanted to sell what he wrote as a book afterwards. I bet it got honed during that time period.

  24. Wolin was wealthy for sure, not rich, but probably the wealthiest man on TCAP. He was on the cutting edge of his field, and his wife was no slouch either. He told his wife to bring tens of thousands of dollars in cash as casually as someone saying what he'd want from McDonald's. This is a high roll for sure, but I'd honestly believe he had a million dollars plus in the bank.

  25. I cant listen to those calls. The fact that anyone could hear that voice and continue with the grooming is sick and insane.

  26. It's honestly sickening and the one few things in Lorenography I can't listen to more than once, everything about it has already been burned into my memory from how disturbing it was.

  27. Lorne took 18 years to make the ultimate catfish failsafe - having them send a picture of their ID, and fell for something blueboy made in 10 minutes in photoshop.

  28. Where I live the dlc is actually a bit more expensive than Warhammer II.

  29. If you don't mind me asking: where the hell do you live!?

  30. Around 25 - 40. The max I've been able to get without them conflicting is about 50, but at that point, it's just superfluous

  31. Where the FAWK is that goddamn piece of chit FAWKING DAWKTAH?!

  32. Eating one extremely healthy snack every day is not going to counteract his life style. Lorne smokes two packs of cigs daily and if left uncheck has claimed to drink 6-12 beers a day. He spends so much on these things that it's the primary reason he's broke. If you follow this to its logical conclusion, watermelon would be quite possibly the most expensive fruit on the planet if you're banking on it being the one thing counteracting Lorne's daily toxic-routine.

  33. & when we look @ the predators who have died, they seem to be a bit healthier than our Lorne & savior. He is truly a miracle.

  34. My grandfather was a marine turned-powerlifter who at his peak could pull fire trucks. Ate extremely clean and had tons of vitamins daily, but he smoked about two cigs every other day. Did him in in his 50's.

  35. This is legitimately the most accurate way to debunk it.

  36. Don Cheech is going to be my rampaging bull. I'll smack his ass with a whip and make him charge forward, crushing Sokol in his wake. The man is one whopper away from a heart attack but that mass is lethal.

  37. About two days ago there was a picture of Lorne posted, he was flexing with a fire behind him, and I got to admit: he hit a weird genetic jackpot where no matter what age he's at he just kinda has a decent bit of muscle, even without training and in his hs days it seemed to be the same.

  38. This is the stuff that makes the Dangerous Web era of TCAP worth it, man.

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