1. Your obsession needs to be over your habits, not your body. Your body is a reflection of your habits.

  2. Then we should have no problems prosecuting all of them.

  3. Doing leg exercises will help build up the muscle underneath, which could improve appearance, but ultimately it doesn't change your fat distribution.

  4. I get so sick of seeing misanthropic shit like this. Or "all of us would have been Nazis/owned slaves/etc". No boo, just because you would have doesn't mean everyone else would have. And just because you live a lifestyle that takes a toll on the planet doesn't mean everyone else does.

  5. Certainly anybody commenting/reading on reddit does.

  6. People kind of misunderstand Paul's "powers". It's really just that he is a mentat with access to his ancestral memories.

  7. No Paul can see the future. He sees things no mentat could know.

  8. Because he has access to data no mentat has access to.

  9. I like trimming pretty close, mostly cause it makes everything appear larger than it really is, and there's a nice vein that gets kind of obscured if I let the pubes grow out too long...

  10. I mean, who else are they gonna vote for when they’re told Democrats have weather control machines to hurt the Red States. I mean seriously!

  11. It's already happening. I have a Qanon friend at work, she's fun but crazy as hell with her other beliefs.

  12. How do ya’ll be friends with people like that? Like in a serious way. I cannot personally. When I hear that come out of people’s mouths, I lose my mind.

  13. We don't generally talk about politics. She sits nesr me at work. Easier to be frenemies than just not talk to her at all -- it's very bizarre because I can convince her in the moment that it's all bullshit, but then next time we talk it's like...she never absorbed the first talk or something. She's right back to the weather machines and shit.

  14. I don't do cross fit, but I was surprised by how quickly I was seeing progress. I'd never seriously worked out much in my life but I noticed some changes even after a couple weeks.

  15. This has been posted at least 4 times in 2 days 😭

  16. I crossposted it months ago lmao, like a bad penny...keeps turning up :(

  17. But what about the plate? Is it plates all the way down?

  18. In fact it is. As far as we know yes.

  19. God, using Facebook products is feeling more and more painful. Can't copy an image from Instagram or speed up a Facebook video, because they spend obnoxious amounts of energy obstructing users at every turn. Even with devtools it's getting harder and harder to use products HOW I WANT TO.

  20. Just stop using facebook. I did it several years ago at this point and have not missed it.

  21. At least it's not a self-interested cold heartless machine like the current CEO's

  22. Honestly I am in the same boat with spanish -- i can read pretty much anything with the occasional google translate but listening is HARD. I just haven't practiced it as much.

  23. Yes, came here to say you just have to get high again, but good luck doing that without being able to tell what mushrooms look like lol.

  24. Ya. I was big on wine since one of my lives I was a nudist drunk there... It's a fun game.

  25. One time when I became an old lady I transitioned into just being a useless wine wench after farming for most of my life. Convincing the children to get drunk and try my fancy grape juice.

  26. And, frankly, yea -- pasta is very calorie dense. Throw in some veggies and meat for more filler and less dense calories.

  27. I think they might be flower buds? I've seen time lapse videos that looked like that before a flower came out but I'm not cactus expert 🤷

  28. He doesn't even look like he's all that anyways...nobody is paying lol

  29. Shit takes all down the line my friend

  30. "it's.....so good....tastes like Kool aid...."

  31. To an AI, the wealthy are a small minority and can be considered outliers.

  32. Totally a good thing to ask, and it isn't shit stirring if it's an important question in good faith -

  33. If only I had money to give you an award :) this has giving me dome interesting names to start reading up on

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