1. Not much in Denver for long term parking, unfortunately.

  2. Sounds like a Cruise America rental. Give away is the blue fabric interior decor.

  3. Must have had the 10k GVWR downgrade package. So basically stickers as a 3/4ton.

  4. Doesn't sound right. We run our F-350 at OE tag pressures, 65F, 80R and it's steady as a rock, even at high speeds - 80mph+.

  5. Striction in the hydraulic auto leveling system. There is a Lippert TSB about adding fork oil to the system - you can buy it on Amazon.

  6. The main reason I/Os were popular was that outboards were extremely horsepower limited and were all smoky 2 strokes back in the heydays of the early-mid 90's. In order to get the power needed for a bowrider/runabout, you were either stuck with unreliable messes of outboards, or a truck engine with a drive strapped to it that is an I/O.

  7. You forget emissions. Which I think are a much larger part then most admit. All new I/O Engines are required to have catalytic converters. Not cheap new, and not cheap when need to replace. So add in the fact that 4 Stroke outboards make the power that you used to need a big block for, combined with the emissions requirements....pretty obvious.

  8. Emissions warranty should cover anything like that

  9. The fact its skirted it actually a downside - likely means it was full timed in over the winter. Pretty hard life for an RV.

  10. Hey Gang, where do I get one of these spiffy maps and the state stickers from?

  11. Don't sell it. Yeah the trans isn't fantastic, but the value of those are only going up!

  12. Beautiful car. May I ask what you paid? Are you seeing prices drop? That's basically exactly the spec I'm looking for!

  13. 1993 will be carbureted most likely. No computer at all.

  14. We just got the table top (PB150?) For our campsite. It's perfect, easily fits in the camper at the end of the season.

  15. What internal temp did you bring them too?

  16. Thanks. I've been cooking to 185 and haven't gotten dry yet. I've heard I need to get hotter to better render....but this gives me pause.

  17. We took my moms on a trail that required low range lockers and sway bar disconnect before it hit 300 miles. She also drove it on some easier trails in Moab. Mine has been doing more technical off roading including Moab and other trails here in Az that required lockers.

  18. We took my buddies in Moab last year and it did really well on the typical - Hell's Revenge, Fins, Savage etc. Was pretty impressed!

  19. In the RV world, It's not going to be a tow capacity issue with that truck....it's going to be a payload issue. Diesel 3/4 tons are lacking. Find your payload sticker on the door and you'll know almost all you need to know.

  20. I had this problem as I just updated. Had to crash out VMware.exe in task man and then the install went on just fine. Do not "end process tree", just VMware.exe

  21. Tritoons are vastly superior to pontoons. Get as big of an outboard as you can.

  22. You have a S. No Cruise control or media buttons....

  23. 'toons are awesome! Perfect for entertainment and rafting up. They used to have a reputation for being slow and unstable, but tritoons have largely solved that problem (and killed the deck boat). They are more expensive but VERY versatile and with a larger outboard can really scoot. They are still very light and easy to tow. I find 24' to be a sweet spot to start - anything smaller gets old quick.

  24. you have great points except for the fact that you're completely ignoring the weight of what he is actually towing.

  25. 8000lb travel trailer.....basically the hardest thing a truck can tow.

  26. There is a lot more to modern trucks then just the engine/trans combination that makes them tow so well. Larger axles, much much stiffer/thicker frames, modern suspension types (coil in the front, LONGER leafs in the rear) - and the modern trucks weight significantly more, which makes trailer handling either.

  27. Not a whole lot I can do. I changed the fuel filter, plugs, and gear oil. I also greased the external fittings. Anything else you'd recommend? I know cars pretty well, but this is my first venture into boats.

  28. I looked at it. Looks like it was recently replaced, so I'm going to leave it.

  29. Understood but they have a very limited life span (2-3yrs) so I'd replace it while you got it apart. At least you KNOW when it's due.

  30. You need a 1ton (3500/350) - and if your going with a 20k GVWR Toy hauler(6 tires), you really need a Dually.

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