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  1. I searched it up and opened the images section to know more.

  2. They also famous for rapping. Female duck have to evolved their reproduce organ to avoid this. However, nature being nature the male duck also evolve to have a longer penis so they can rape female duck better.

  3. But why tho? I thought reproduction was a natural instinct right? I mean I understand females would reproduce only during certain seasons but still. Do the males have to do some sort of mating dance or ritual to attract the females like it happens in many aviary species? Is it because they don’t have any such ritual or are just bad at it and thus rape all they want?

  4. rape is a nature reproductive strategy for duck and few animal like dolphins and penguins. Also another fact about ducks is they will also commit homosexual necrophilia. Yeah, duck is very fuck up if they are in the wild

  5. F2P axis can experience what it feel to be annoying PPSH spammer and have an sniper MKB to kill more Soviet. Pay axis have access to more MKB spam. The only thing the Soviet got is the KV-1

  6. Only the normal MKB is lock behind pay wall. The PPSH41 and sniper MKB are unlockable for F2P. If you still don’t believe me check the Stalingrad tech tree and see if level 24 and 26 are lock behind the full access.

  7. Wait you can’t draw porn in India? Damn, Indian artist must be starving there

  8. Imagine if the Allies let Hitler lives and continue ruling Germany until his death. Because that what they did to Hirohito. Somehow they got away with doing this.

  9. This wouldn’t sit well with the Soviet. They sacrifice million of man just for Hitler escape to American and British. If they some how seal a deal with the Soviet to let Hitler life Stalin would consistently send assassin to Hitler.

  10. This is a crow of sexual assault survivors and one of them fuck horses? What is this place?

  11. We did it not. localization file are being update

  12. Didn’t know Joseph also a Hololive member

  13. Yes, ship is a good way to transport hundreds of cargo from American to Australia

  14. Lord i come to you today to ask why.. why do vietnamese have this much strength? Is it the water they drink? The air they breath? How did these savages defend against the great celestial empire of china? How did these jungle dwelling machete wielding ferals fuck up the French & Spanish alliance? Why do vietnamese possess such power? These peasants slashed and cut the katana wielding 1000 year old warfare samurai once and now theyre just going around the block humiliating everyone? When will it stop? These goddamn farmers shook american troops so much they get PTSD looking at trees now. White people in war against vietnamese are about as good as magikarp with that splash attack. Ong when will it end.

  15. The rice in Vietnam just really good. If those bastard take away our rice we going to murder them all

  16. Lets wait for them to break into smaller states like tradition

  17. They already at dictator stage. Now just wait for revolution and warlord

  18. I first thought the blue spy was the red spy. At that time I hadn’t heard a lot about tf2. Like how did he the only one who knew everything red spy did while the other “three” are clueless. It was like red spy disguised as blue spy and trying to make the blue soldier, heavy and scout kill each other out of distrust. Then soldier kill him and that theory go out the window. Rewatching meet the spy when knowing more about the game, I realized how many mistake red spy make when he flag he made as scout.

  19. He probably use beast styles or fight like Saijima.

  20. It is a real article just like an onion article is technically a real article

  21. Every onion article will eventually become real

  22. Oi Josh, this is your turn to clean the dock.

  23. Imagine it’s the final boss fight and Rimuru just loses because of salt

  24. We see eldritch horror every day so what can a big lizard do to us?

  25. Hehe. I thought Panzers were excellent engineering.....

  26. Most of the panzers actually had pretty decent engineering. The same couldn’t be said for their heavy tank which Hitler want to mass produce.

  27. Most likely pretended to be Jewish...

  28. Either that or he heard Japan do much more terrible stuff and pretend to be a Chinese

  29. lol, well sorta true on that, i won't rebut on it. Actually, we also had a joke on you guys, but it is kinda racist, so i won't be saying it here.

  30. It isn’t racist if you actually meant to do it. You can sometime joke about other race like British teeth and fat American.

  31. Beside soccer everything else it pretty tame.

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