1. Bro your 16. Take your vacation and tell your boss to fuck off. This is going to have an extremely minimal impact on your future. It might make you a better employee down the line honestly.

  2. This^ I tried to say the same thing awhile back to someone who wanted to get into plcs. Everyone was recommending looking at the logic and this and that. Yet here I am thinking if the guy even understands 3 phase, 24v controls, or anything on a component level in a cabinet. Sounds like a good way to get hurt.

  3. Ian “try so hard to become the next mc nuggz” Gary. He’s so cringe

  4. Phoenix has little orange yellow and red jumpers that just pop in. They fall out frequently on machines at work

  5. Dude could have killed the Axolotl if it wasn't for the help on this sub. It's really the best purpose of this sub. Constructive criticism and awareness. Good on the owner for trying to do the right thing

  6. Eh fuck that guy saying stupid shit as usual

  7. Assness. Seems fitting. Get fucked asshole

  8. Lol your goof taking all this heat as some kind of entertainment value. Hopefully you don't have much of a family cause this stuff humbles people quick.

  9. Holy shit, this makes me realize how fake their persona is. They all have no clue what they are doing...

  10. Bc Logan said he would fight Paddy in the cage and I wanted to see what Reddit thought

  11. Logan says just about everything and anything he can just so you can do exactly what you did. Lmao.

  12. What you've said is just like telling someone, "Looking to get into cars? Don't buy a car, you must first buy a bicycle so you can learn what a wheel is, what a tire is, how to brake and accelerate, etc". Do you see how that sounds? Doesn't quite make sense, right? Yes, you can learn those things by buying a bike ("Arduino"), but you're not interested in bikes ("Arduinos"), you're interested in cars ("PLCs").

  13. Lol dude a bike isn't a car. Not even close. An Arduino is pretty much the same thing as a plc. It's a microcontroller with a processor. It has digital io pins, analog pins and pwm pins. Yes it uses C++ and not rslogix or Tia I get that. How the hell do you program anything if you don't even know how to wire it?!?

  14. My apologies. I am new to these stuff but I am learning :)

  15. It's okay man just messin. Good luck and be careful. It's good to ask questions people will respect that

  16. Old man dying in battle. Stupid orcs have no commanding officers

  17. Holy shit new character unlocked dark Jiri sorcerer.

  18. I'm still processing last nights event. It was a treat to the fans forsure. One of the best main events I've ever seen

  19. Damn that was sad. Respect to Joanna. Thank you

  20. That was incredible. I feel thankful to have watched that. The respect and skill on display was just another level. Watching Jiri get out of that sub attempt was insane

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