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  1. Be careful saying you’ll be whatever they come out with, they have like 300 products in the pipeline. Could bankrupt yourself real fast 😂😂

  2. Ik right, the Air was already announced when I ordered this. But it’s good, lotta options to compare this one to and see if any can beat it.

  3. Hiii I’ve been trying to find out for days if this stadium has a coat check/room? Going tomorrow so would appreciate if anyone knows and replies, thanks.

  4. I need as well if there’s an updated working version

  5. Anybody with 1 ticket for any date till the end (18th June) please hit me up. I’m a big fan of hers and only flew in to London a week ago and was walking past the theatre and found out it’s still ongoing. Please please, you’d really turn this shitty time for me around. Thanks.

  6. Y not use NOED? I just discovered it and it’s fair play. They use dead hard and DS don’t they? And they get a chance to cleanse it.

  7. Can’t relate, I can’t event find matches.

  8. Aight thanks so never having played the PTB, I’ll start with 0 bloodpoints and all that?

  9. I mean don’t take it to heart so much? It’s a game. And an online game at that, everybody knows you come across assholes online. I thought you were going to say it’s not good for the mental health lol. And that I can agree with, I only allow myself 1-2 hours playing it max.

  10. Do u mean the million BP cap? I never even thought I’d get to that but when I did, my total went over a million and I can still play.

  11. Twins and Ghostface , tho I made it a habit to play someone different each match.

  12. Wrong o. I don’t like to try new things hehe

  13. i have all the twins perks now without actually buying the twins lol

  14. Waiittt don’t you have to have the character unlocked to share their perks? I bought a perk from the shrine once and it said I can’t use it because I don’t have the character.

  15. When will they fix the twins glitches tho? Most common one I experience every time is delay in being able to switch between them and delay in releasing victor.

  16. Keychron K3 ultra slim wireless. I love it! Wireless or wired, backlit, with swappable blue brown and red switches for $75. I had the blues on and swapped to red for gaming. Going to swap to brown at some point.

  17. Yeah I was going to say, I got the same one can’t wait to get it in hand. Got this for portability and the Logitech G915 for my desktop.

  18. My brother has this record and no turntable to play it. I keep beggin him to give it to me lol.

  19. Sooooo how do you know if your controller dies? Just this morning mine was unreachable. I reset, and it worked for a while, then unreachable again. Rinse repeat

  20. So I can see that my actual lights are working. It’s just the controller unpaired or shut off at some point while I was away for a week (probably because I get a lot of power outages) and refused to pair again. Made a video and shared it with nanoleaf support and they told me the controller was dead.


  22. Considering I just got a next I’m gonna feel a bit betrayed if it’s more powerful then the next

  23. Same man. I’m going back and forth on whether I should cancel my Next order. Think I’m gonna go with not cancelling it and if end up like the Air (which I probably will) I’ll give my Next to cousin and get it.

  24. It’s fun as the killer sometimes. I’ve downed all 4 and ended a match real quick with the twins. But the twins can do that, victor puts on the pressure. But it was my call whether to shift back to Charlotte, pick 1 survivor up or keep going as victor. So yeah when it all worked out it was fun. But not all matches are like that. IMO, it’s harder to play the killer than it is the survivors bar none. Because whatever powers the killer may have, it’s always 4v1. So if you get these kinds of matches every now and then, why not let the killer have it?

  25. The update didn’t change much. Legion is a pretty shit killer with a useless “special ability”.

  26. They told me they’d replace mine as well. But got static after that. Kept emailing them but no answer. I’m just going to buy another one myself. And the shapes are stuck to my wallpaper so if I tear them off, it’ll be a mess. So can’t get a whole new kit either.

  27. So I should cancel my Next order? I got the non pro version which haven’t even gone into production yet.

  28. I have the SSUPD Meshilicious and it’s literally the perfect case but I still want to to change it for absolutely no reason. Because it’s fun to build lol

  29. Dude, I’ve never even played against the vast majority. Never come up against onryo, twins, blight, Plague, Cenobite, Demogorgon, Oni (maybe once?) which one even is the Cannibal? I only ever get a rotation of the Clown, Nurse and maybe the wraith. Mostly I get AFK killers that waste everybody’s time and stand there and do nothing.

  30. If you download windows on steam deck than you can play any game

  31. Nah didn’t want to wait until October or maybe longer to get the deck with only 15w and 512 gb max. My brother reserved one, what seems like ages ago when they announced it. Will check his out if it ever comes.

  32. Yeah but it’s only 15 watts and still gets more performance then the Ayo next because of the better GPU. So you get half as much better drain for better performance. And the deck has a micro SSD slot which the next doesn’t have. Which allows you to add end storage and not be limited like you are on the ayo next

  33. Yeah, not really so bothered about graphics on a small screen. And I don’t consider myself limited. 1 TB is more than enough for what I’ll be using it for. But if I get the Deck in hand and like it more, I’ll just get that too lol.

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