1. Right, plus the lines in the chat are creepy AF. “How do I know you’re not a cop, or pretending to be one, or just someone trying to blank with me? But of course, why wouldn’t I want to come see you? And taste your beautiful body. You are a gorgeous 13 year old and I like what I see.”

  2. Lol “help those who actually need it” is he implying that he doesn’t need help? What a delusional piece of shit

  3. I think also he saw the black curtains that are not normally in a person’s doorway lol

  4. Guys, I’m starting to think that 12 year old dodged the bullet by not marrying this guy.

  5. It seems that she either got married or divorced since HvP because of the different last name. Interesting

  6. He's full of shit. From his creepy screen name to his song "Always Be Young", this guy has an unhealthy interest in teenagers for a man his age.

  7. I agree. Not to mention how people have found his Twitter likes containing sexual photos of young looking (possibly underage) girls. Can you explain the screen name? I think I’m missing something.

  8. Probably something about how he was about to strike out or be thrown a curveball or something lol

  9. Pats fan here. It’s also awesome that we have a TE named Matt Sokol. Imagine “Touchdown, Bailey to Sokol!” I would lose my mind lol.

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