1. whats the tcap ep called? and where can i find it?

  2. I’m sure he does, “Rocky” technically ruined his life forever.

  3. Also triggered every time I heard that name...poor sly Stallone lmao

  4. Want to know the truth? I made the original post that picture came from. And to my knowledge, it never went public as the moderators seemed to immediately block it. It had no views, upvotes or comments. But obviously it did end up going live if you have that picture. Where did you get it?

  5. Someone screenshot it. It wasn't me, but a couple of weeks ago it was a big deal

  6. Jeff's new account. You said a few weeks ago blah blah.. who were you a few weeks ago?

  7. i hope they were bc ernest timmons clutching his camera trying to rush upstairs is absolutely horrifying

  8. It is harrible. You would think it would use any of the first 10 Google search images to see what he looks like. Maybe it's a legal thing.

  9. Sometimes late at night, I'll be in the mood for story time. Usually JPW or Rauch.

  10. I've been begging my gf to draw me a comic book of JPW's made up story. If she ever finishes it (she drew the first frame) I'll post it here. Love me some story time with JPW.

  11. That's cool. I bet if his story was typed into chat gpt or an AI, it could be automatically generated

  12. We are really missing the intro to Mr. Chernay. So many questions. Did he walk up, stop, then walk away, and come back again? Did the decoy say.. hey, cmon in? Did she flirt with him about the pool table? I'm happy we have the outro though. ...

  13. I always hold a special cell for Richard Burnham and his ....jelly. but I can see your side too. 50/50

  14. Joey plays Sokol's voice. Mind. Blown. I don't know why I didn't know this.

  15. I always wondered that, but there didn't seem to be animosity or embarrassment so maybe he called the cops for something. Just a guess

  16. Omg my cousin's uncle was convinced of r 'ing an 11 year old girl (multiple times) he's not related to me, but I've seem him often at weddings and stuff. It's surreal to see it in real life.

  17. I could see tcap viewing parties being a huge thing. Something akin to all those Rocky Horror Picture fans who rent out theatres, dress up and throw spoons at the screen.

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