give him a rapper name

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Jack Black is extremely overrated

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  1. You fail drug tests with it, so doesn't really help all that much for the working folk.

  2. Quick Fix Synthetic Urine works.

  3. The only synthetic i trust! Got a government job with it lmfao

  4. The greatest content this sub has ever produced. Well done!

  5. Public figures are exempt from this, theoretically. This is more for karens protection, which is a shame.

  6. Very unique ride experience. Remember the finale with the double corkscrew being rather uncomfortable, but that's due to the restraint system rather than any tracking issues. The signature lay-down loop is a totally unique feeling.

  7. Coke is an American import, to be honest. Now crack on the other hand, is pure US ingenuity.

  8. Julianna was trying to get that post-Covid Nunes asap.

  9. Nationalizing the private prison industry seems like long overdue, sensible policy to be honest. Granted, I completely empathize with the general skepticism directed at the government anytime it does anything.

  10. See if you can find Wonder Showzen anywhere. If not, Tim and Eric is always a fun watch for a short attention span.

  11. Probably disingenuous to compare loafers to running shoes, but interesting post nonetheless.

  12. I’ve ridden tons of old Arrow coasters that are way, way rougher than The Big Apple Coaster, and this was before the new trains. Thoosies really overblow it, it’s not bad at all

  13. Do it. The complaints are greatly exaggerated if you ride defensively.

  14. Bro, you ain't fuckin ugly at all. Very passable.

  15. "He was convicted of a felony, but the felony was expunged."

  16. Feminism: Belief in social equality for women.

  17. Best: Fury probably Worst: Firebird without a doubt in my mind.

  18. I haven't been on in years, and definitely not since the reno, what did they do?

  19. The heaviest trims ever! One at the top of the second turnaround before the side loop, one before the last drop. Completely erased any negative gs you’d used to get.

  20. Oh wow. That makes me really sad. Why did they do the renovations? Was it necessary to safety?

  21. I’m not sure how many issues it had structurally that warranted renovation work, but I’d imagine it’s to prolong its service life. It does still fill the parks need for a family friendly coaster, but it’s been neutered for sure.

  22. no and I hate white people who think guitarists are cool in a cinematic context

  23. LMAO @ bringing race into the discussion. Frail ego?

  24. in a cinematic context, yes. I have nothing / close-to-nothing to gain by watching more Jack Black on the Big Screen.

  25. To be fair, nobody expects to gain anything too serious from watching Jack Black.

  26. Platinum passes for Orlando seaworld is 400 a pop now lmao. Only 250 at San Diego for some reason, and even cheaper in Texas.

  27. To be fair, Killer Mike would tell you that desegregation did in fact destroy the black economy. Singlehandedly, of course not. But it did uproot plenty of black owned businesses.

  28. LSD only expedites the process of social Darwinism. Thinking that everyone automatically thinks they can fly on acid is just some drug war propaganda, homie.

  29. If he were to OD, he'd have already died. He just wants people to think he's cool lmao what a dork.

  30. Much respect for all your work, OP. Really enjoy reading your blog. :)

  31. I'm sure all the other 19 year olds with $30k can relate.

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