1. I’d say it’s not worth your time to stress about it, bud. Would you call your ISP to inform them that you’re switching providers?

  2. Not really sure how 5 campaigns hurts performance. What's the difference between 5 campaigns, each with a 1 adset/different audience vs 1 campaign with 5 different adsets and each of those with a different audience? I'm betting that makes no difference and I think my end result proves that.

  3. 1 general in charge of 5 battalions strikes from every side.

  4. When something works well on Facebook (or in life), don’t touch it.

  5. There's 0 need to duplicate an existing campaign. You're creating unnecessary complexity and will end up resetting the learning phase of those adsets.

  6. You gotta ask yourself why you want to hire/keep an agency in the first place.

  7. Your page isn’t optimized for conversions, that’s one.

  8. I hear you, but I do have several target demos that a product could interest. Can't target them separately b/c there'd be overlap.

  9. I’m trying to wrap my head around your first paragraph, be that as it may but can you throw in an example?

  10. Linguistically, you don’t optimize a learning phase. You get out of it.

  11. Good advice. And let me clarify: getting out of the learning phase vs optimizing your pixel. As far as I can tell, they’re one and the same.

  12. Please define high (aka provide numbers).

  13. Your ads will still work, you will still get results and all. You just won’t be able to track or optimize anything besides feelings.

  14. 40 "pitches" sent, 4 read & 2 set up.

  15. If it's not an LLA or an uploaded custom list, it's way too small.

  16. It depends on what you sell and your budget. Facebook breaks at around 50-70 ad sets. It was a hell of a problem to manage and optimize. With big budgets you’re fine up to ~30 ad sets.

  17. If it’s tennis, it depends where you advertise. Winter is coming.

  18. A couple things, I found a product I genuinely love and use literally everyday and feel off when I don't use it. I got really tired of terrible ads and had some ideas for hilarious/fun to watch ads. I've only worked on one so far but I'm actually having a ton of fun with it. Ads are going to be there regardless, might as well make it entertaining content

  19. Testing is everything though, you have to figure out what works for you and what you think has the best possibility to scale. So test & repeat is what I’ve learned

  20. Alongside your copy within the LP or a video, but subliminally. Nothing explicit.

  21. I love how simple and direct your marketing strategy is. Genuinely made me chuckle.

  22. Here’s the thing. Any type of business involves taking risks—calculated risks.

  23. If you’re not using CAPI, it means you’re not using server tracking. If that’s the case, you rely too much on browser tracking - the Pixel.

  24. We tried setting up the CAPI through Google Tag Manager. It was so complex, couldn't complete the set up and we started having issues with event deduplication. But ideally, even with pixel, the conversion values should be tracking, right? I have seen this in Shopify because the integration with pixel is very easy. But WooCommerce, we aren't sure how to get this done. Thanks

  25. Deduplication is part of the game at the moment. Facebook will delete duplicated results with time. Other than that, it's a very minutiae issue, bud.

  26. Depending on your inquiry, 99/100 times you’re better off getting on the call with someone here.

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