1. Either junon in ff7 or somewhere in the first 5 Ff games

  2. That’s a great way of thinking about it. Really in depth and made me wonder how other characters would react, specifically those with clear motives having to do with others. Vincent may see lucrecia, Nanaki might see his father or bugenhagen, and Barret may see wedge Jessie and Biggs, or maybe marlene or dyne.

  3. Sense on red because he is a sniffer dog :)

  4. I completely agree but I just can’t quite shake that OCD yet… maybe one day!

  5. In the remake I use prayer on Aerith and Chakra on tifa :)

  6. Yeah so do I it fits perfect and the game hints at those being their default materias

  7. That would be really awesome and I’d love for them to flesh things out a little more

  8. There's nothing to exclude, it's just the same thing but in different games. As I mentioned to that Cloti fan below, it's stated in the novel that they're lovers (Aerith x Cloud) and Aerith's dream seems to be canon if you watch the credits at the end of FF7R. Don't know why you guys need to argue over fictional characters.

  9. If cloud loves aerith then what does that make tifa? Obviously a huge chunk of her character is her romantic feeling towards the main character.

  10. Moral support she may have ended up living with Cloud in Dirge of Cerberus, so not so bad for her in the end.

  11. Just completely undermined a well developed main character

  12. You kind of don’t have a choice. There are only a few parts in the game where he’s just not in the party. Actually, maybe only once when he’s not in the party (can’t quite remember)

  13. Ah very good! For some reason I misremembered being able to swap him out (I beat the game I don’t know where I got that idea lol)

  14. If only…. I like cloud but I don’t necessarily like to use him

  15. Everything said in this post I completely 100% agree with especially the golbez style heavy armor and the spell names

  16. Don’t see anyone talking about ac/otwtas? Literally a terminal painful illness takes of the the already fucked land that was just recently fucked even more? And the main characters barely do shit to save anyone other than maybe help a little?

  17. Save the file after the modification in the same folder with the same name it had.

  18. Thank you so much if been wanting to do this for over a year and I finally got it!

  19. I have not read that. I honestly just want books that give readers FF vibes. I don't want to read fan novels or actual ff novelizations. Is in the way to a smile good?

  20. Very good if you want to go more in depth on the ff7 characters

  21. Have you read on the way to a smile? Pretty sure you have since you’re asking for books like ff or maybe just not Interested in reading ff

  22. Yeah if I remake some songs then for sure I will

  23. To remake FF tunes so I can use them in my DND campaigns

  24. I don’t want any more open world FF’s. Open world games almost always lack story and the gimmick wears off after playing a few of them.

  25. Minecraft isn’t really open work imo due to lack of side quests and an immersive world. Minecraft is a crafting/survival game and creative introduces building mechanics. The world is incredibly small compared to other open world games and there’s not much to do as compared to others too. Again just my opinion.

  26. I LOVE this! I wanna see someone make garland or exdeath or maybe golbez!

  27. Idk…. FF7RPT2 is gonna be cool in terms of what they expand upon but I just don’t wanna see it. I don’t follow 16 much but I’ve heard good rumors. IX remake would be nice but I just don’t want to see it be done wrong

  28. MORE SIDE QUESTS AND PLACES TO GO Maybe also more characters and expanded universe stories explaining mako energy and the experiments made by many of shinras top scientists and more unanswered questions to bring up more theories.

  29. I said small. Like mechanics or something.

  30. I don’t really think they could add anything new in terms of those. I mean maybe they could have a more or less than 3 person party but other than that nothing imo

  31. Or maybe FF7R could have other game modes other than story and have those characters playable. Love the ff7 story, but remake needs to explore a little more with characters combat and other game modes

  32. If you're playing on PC, you can edit your save with

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