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  1. Consumption.... so factories in China don't pollute the air above the Middle Nation.

  2. Abstract: Worldwide exposure to ambient PM2.5 causes over 4 million premature deaths annually. As most of these deaths are in developing countries, without internationally coordinated efforts this polarized situation will continue. As yet, however, no studies have quantified nation-to-nation consumer responsibility for global mortality due to both primary and secondary PM2.5 particles. Here we quantify the global footprint of PM2.5-driven premature deaths for the 19 G20 nations in a position to lead such efforts. G20 consumption in 2010 was responsible for 1.983 [95% Confidence Interval: 1.685–2.285] million premature deaths, at an average age of 67, including 78.6 [71.5–84.8] thousand infant deaths, implying that the G20 lifetime consumption of about 28 [24–33] people claims one life. Our results indicate that G20 nations should take responsibility for their footprint rather than focusing solely on transboundary air pollution, as this would expand opportunities for reducing PM2.5-driven premature mortality. Given the infant mortality footprint identified, it would moreover contribute to ensuring infant lives are not unfairly left behind in countries like South Africa, which have a weak relationship with G20 nations.

  3. Oppressed and marginalized people trying to organize against overwhelming authoritarian opposition sometimes use drugs even when its objectively bad for them and their community. More news at 11.

  4. You sounds like a bourgeois Reactionary but not like a thinking Anarchist!

  5. Old Bangkok or the new one, with Water or without, green or grey, they are very different!

  6. Because of my political and sociological interest (Im/Migration) I researched the Vietnamese in Japan a lot, my results are that many Vietnamese "Trainee's" are very, very unhappy here.

  7. The problem is that many People who got "vaccinated and booster shots" are not getting younger, as older you get as higher the chance for a lethal outcome!

  8. Lol no there's a note in each of the slots with each of the chocolates. So I get a chocolate and a love note every day

  9. The Clouds yesterday was a Dream! I needed to stop and watch for 30min, a real and perfect vanilla Sky!

  10. The problem is that a lot of the Weed is full of chemicals, in Western Europe up to 80% of all confiscated Weed was laced with artificial Stuff, this is not the Weed many of us know (Pre-Spice Age)

  11. : Ono City, Fukui Prefecture is a castle town located in the Hokuriku region with more than 400-years of history. This town still holds a strong image of a castle town and it is well-known as “Little Kyoto.”

  12. According to the ruling, on June 7, 2016, the then second-year junior high school student had her hair cut by her mother, but the ends of her hair were curled up. The next day at school, she told the female teacher that her mother had told her to have the teacher do her hair. The teacher then cut her hair in the hallway using craft scissors, but did not confirm it with her guardians. Afterwards, the former student was told by her classmates that her hairstyle was "disgusting," and when she returned home, she complained to her mother that she wanted to cry. She stopped going to class from the following day.

  13. This sucker is 0.2-0.4 microns in size. Though the CDC says the "minimum size of a respiratory particle" carrying covid is ~4-7 microns which would be blocked by a N95 mask. So it's debatable if an N95 is even good enough.

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