A follow up on that LinkedIn recruiter post. He is threatening me

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  1. I find this auditor craze to be extremely annoying and I think that in many cases the whole anti-terrorism argument can be the case.

  2. Labor organizing long ago started out in the face of threats of violence and arrest. That environment is returning now. The old-school model of organizing regardless of whether or not the law says you can will be more important now than ever.

  3. I'm semi afraid/exited about this in the UK. Lizzy has been big on anti union activity during her totally fair electoral race. Our most militant union ( since thatcher raped the NUM miners) is the RMT trains. If she tries to outlaw the union or industrial action they won't play nice. And if she's going to try to shut down a member of the TUC it's likely a general strike will be called.

  4. I think it will definitely take a militant working class to defeat the Tories' bullshit in the UK. Even if he's elected PM, we can reasonably assume that Keir Starmer won't have the guts to do it himself unless he's pressured to by the people.

  5. Starmer is a weird one, extremely pro labour in the labour election but extremely anti labour afterwards. I don't trust hims as far as I can throw him but let's hope he's faking this hard on Labour approach.

  6. Every time I've helped a firend I've just bullet pointed the key issues. It isn't hard if you've Done some prep, Chang ea few on the terms and generalise it and sent a copy.

  7. My Amazon driver is having trouble convincing his hub to unionize. I'm old they're all <30.

  8. Pamphlets probably not the way to go. Us yougnins have low attention span, also get cought with those in the workplace and the hammer comes down hard.

  9. Agreed. It's why I said most army used for residential use. I can't really back it up with data, so this is a "trust me bro" source, but the amount of buildings designed to be housing used for other things which I presume would reclassify them is pretty substantial.

  10. My house built in '85 is a shitshow - the quality's not been there for over 40 years. We are used to low quality so much we've become accustomed to it as 'the way it is'.

  11. A fellow urbanist! Completely agree. I like the dutch system a lot. Make any essential accessible by walking and everything else by bike (sadly the mountains in this country does make that harder)

  12. Snowdonia? The only value these mountains have are beautiful scenery and mountain paths. Way to many to even list, start with going up the mountains, usually the easiest of tracks to follow, other then that grab a map and go hiking.

  13. I did not know there were cave diving sites in Wales. Where exactly can you cave dive?

  14. I'm 90% Sure I know this girl and she is in fact an idiot and an alcoholic.

  15. I haven't had a lot of experience with the "greater left." Therefore my understanding of the modern beliefs of these kind of individuals is lacking. Although, when it comes to feeling isolated about my beliefs, I certainty do sometimes.

  16. i definitely see how the US would be worse in that aspect, as a Welshman, British history is questioned, more so than the US anyway. but we have the same feeling about Churchill (saved us from the Nazis, but really was a racist oaf at the same time) and the royal family.

  17. so. sharing a public post is clearly not covered under DMCA. Reddit and YouTube commentators really aren't the people to ask about DMCA laws but no case exists, also if it did, law enforcement would not get involved. its a civil case, not criminal.

  18. Yes, can I ask, do you complain about the insane homeless people on the street? Theres a solution to help them.

  19. The idea that Americans pay less in taxes than UHC is an incorrect take. Americans tend to pay more in tax for our healthcare system too.

  20. True, my point was that this person would vote to decrease spending at every possibility.

  21. Welsh horrors? Look up anything at the Senedd and watch Dripfird trying I destroy Wales. I guarantee you won’t sleep for a week.

  22. That's nothing compared to the serious classic, "Westminster" full of graphic scenes, long tence monologues and an urgent sence of impending doom 300 years in the making.

  23. I'm pretty sure Ukrainian didn't agree and that's why there's still a war.

  24. Yea ok. I guess we should have just marked all of Ukrainian as disputed territory when this war started.

  25. No because Russia never claimed Ukraine as a core part of its country. Please tell me your not this stupid

  26. I interpreted this as “We discriminate against the disabled”

  27. The back pain one is more acceptable in a application ( if worded correctly anyway) the sick one, not so much.

  28. Demarking the land they've just "annexed". I don't think it's fair to call them propaganda posts.

  29. Tbf I've seen this in a few spoons, since they serve food some people feel obliged to queue properly I guess.

  30. Never seen the whole continent simply called America. Maybe English isn’t your first language as I know in Spanish it’s a different concept.

  31. Spanish society doesn't distinguish, neither do I but that's out of personal taste, I was thought the 2 continents thing.

  32. You say that my dad plastered a friends house and got a few 50s as payment. He used them to pay child support so my mum would have to deal with them.

  33. No, I think it's applications too. It's for acceptance statistics.

  34. Get offended at me for being ingorance if you wish, but as a Welsh person, us "brits" (I hate using that term in 1st person) have done nothing but oppress the Irish people. It feels a bit like MAGA where they would cry about being under siege by the forces of degeneracy whilst they control literally everything. You can't oppress a population for centuries, and celibrate that fact, just to cry when they get power and say they don't want you there.

  35. He visited Aberystwyth when he was an adolescent for a welsh speaking course. There's an episode of "The Crown" based on the even

  36. Yea and he faked it. As in he tried to learn to pronounce words, but that was only because of speech he had to make. He didn't give a toss about Wales, and still doesn't.

  37. Keeping tabs on management is covering your own back and a good idea, but keeping a list of everything staff you don’t like do wrong is snitch/cop behavior and I don’t think it’ll go well for you. Unless you wanna leave the place like Regina George throwing the burn book then you do you I guess.

  38. Definitely Cooper's Arms, the landlord there is a legend. Most pubs that serve food tend to get quite busy tho so may be best going to a quiet pub then going for food elsewhere.

  39. 🤓 + literally not that much more and cheaper especially compared to Harleys + get better conversation from Sid than anyone else in Aberystwyth

  40. That financial incentives rewards good work? I'm not saying no to your proposal, just that it's way too extreme.

  41. Mine IS a financial incentive. If you wanna be paid 10k, pay your employees 5k.

  42. It isn't just about owners, they own the company, they can pay themselves whatever the want it doesn't teslly matter since they own the company, they'll just sell shared. And experience engineer on let's say $100.000, now you've to to

  43. S tier might as well be SS tier with the amount of highly popular racist groups in most of those countries.

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