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  1. "I end up eating alone on a Formica table under a swinging lightbulb while you, are on a beach in Ibiza being rubbed with coco butter by your new lover"

  2. Newseditor and chief from the graphics department of the biggest private broadcast groupe of the land with cheese and cows. Isn't half as interesting as it sounds.

  3. Since when does injectable testosterone cause liver damage?


  5. Yup, you see them a lot in western Europe on motorways. Had to make sure I wasn't tripping when I first saw them.

  6. Acute radiation poisoning. Fun fact; it's impossible to administer pain killers effectively. Once your body starts decomposing with you still alive inside of it, there's nothing but pain left.

  7. Promotions aren't about time, it's about competence. If they didn't move up in 2 years, the 25 years following weren't going to make any difference.

  8. It’s only satisfying in English with any accent that isn’t American. Go ahead, run through em, I’m right I know.

  9. I've been on at least three suicide trains. Can't believe how often that happens.

  10. They don't publish it to try to prevent other people copying it but it's an awful lot.

  11. Boards goes well with everything, even have it as my alarm. Impossible to get sick of, so unique.

  12. There's an awesome live Cercl video of them in Colombia from early this year on YouTube

  13. Haven't seen that yet, on the (long) list of stuff I want to watch tho ^

  14. 100% most accurate time travel movie ever. Realistically needs at least 2 watch throughs to fully appreciate.

  15. 100%, didn't want to give away too much. By 2 watches you should probably figure out you'll need to watch it way more times than that.

  16. Also starring Tom Cruises, Whoopsie Goldberg and Jon Depp

  17. NEP works great if you don't dose excessively and want to keep yourself at a steady level instead of stimming out. Watch the dosing and don't use it like amphetamine for example or mdma

  18. MDMA + tiny amounts of ket are amazing... When you up the dose, things get regrettamine pretty quickly

  19. Unless something has changed since 2019, they sure are. I used my Chase Sapphire Preferred all over Europe when I was there.

  20. Only Maestro and V-pay work in most of the Netherlands, even visa doesn't most places. If you're suoer lucky a Mastercard might but not Amex or other

  21. I’ve travelled through The Netherlands. Except for small shops in smaller towns, the occasional old shop in a city, and certain grocery stores outside of city centers, I’ve never had a problem. Everywhere else in Europe is even easier to use. Amex is only accepted in city centers though.

  22. I can only imagine you only used it at hotels and major tourist spots. I checked and its visa, not accepted most places outside tourist traps.

  23. People are really exaggerating how good Netflix used to be. Every show you wanted? Try some seasons of some shows and a crappy sequel to a movie that you wanted to watch.

  24. IIRC, they used to figure out the top 100 shows and movies pirated in a country and do those plus others. Not perfect for everyone but you always had access to the most popular shows people were talking about. Think this was maybe around 2010ish.

  25. Boomers NEVER understood the free market. They understood they did great in the 50s and 60s and the term free market was thrown around a lot so they incorrectly associated the two things. They just think free market means lots of money for everyone. The fact America was in a golden era of production thanks to the decimation of the rest of the world in the 40s was irrelevant to that fact. Boomer do not understand how the world works or ever worked. They understood life was great during the golden age which they wasted and spoiled due to bad habits they formed from excess during that golden age and they simply cannot evolve or grow beyond that moment in time.

  26. The same boomer mentality is also very prevalent in Western European countries though so it can't just be about the US thriving in the 50's.

  27. Ah, that actually makes total sense. Production was super high during the war, maximum efficiency in many industries so makes sense a lot of it bled over into a reduced population. Thanks!

  28. I would call him a gorilla, but he isn't tall nor big when it comes to muscle size.

  29. You know, I know these likes dont exist. I know that when I look at my karma, the Matrix is telling my brain to release endorphins and seratonin.

  30. I put absolutely no effort into meeting someone.

  31. Same, just blocked and deleted everyone from my life. I hate myself so much

  32. Because that isn't the only piece of information your brain uses. It basically collates a bunch of different pieces of information:

  33. We not only have experience with the size of objects, but their shape as well. This is demonstrated by the

  34. But you still see this with 1 eye closed. Not what OP was asking

  35. Doesn't really answer the question. Only the third part is relevant but this can also be performed by one eye (whilst physically moving).

  36. "Verkade & Jacques" in Delft might have the cheese you're looking for. The quail eggs you can buy in de Albert Heijn XL probably. Duck eggs I'm not sure about, never have seen them being eaten here in the Netherlands

  37. Ok! Do keep in mind if you tend to do it later then tomorrow, from the 20th of Juni to the 4th of July they're closed.

  38. Ah cool, was planning on a big cycle tomorrow anyway, this gives me a direction. Bedankt!

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