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  1. I posted this on the main thread: I work in cancer research and I design studies. This is standard inclusion/exclusion criteria regardless of the gender of the investigator. I know it doesn’t seem fair from the outside, but research is designed in a very specific way. It isn’t FDA approved and oncology medications are dangerous. Her doctors can always ask for an exemption however.

  2. It just seems like if they are studying these kinds of tumors, they would take into account the possibility that the tumors could do this.

  3. Edit: Using top comment for this - so many people are super pressed about the title. I could've said insanely detailed or whatever. I can't change the title, and I just meant comparative to regular balloon animals, the anatomy seemed realistic enough. I really don't care to argue semantics over a title I couldn't edit if I wanted to, and it really doesn't matter - just enjoy the art!

  4. Most of these beautiful SPLIT FACE coloring are not chimeras. It just the beauty of their wonder genetics. Straight lines are said to not be normal, but are very common with Torties.

  5. They swim by moving their tail side to side. I’m not even sure this would help their swimming ability at all. Very odd.

  6. I think they'd figure it out. Move fish tail up and down instead, and now it's got manatee skills.

  7. Very nice. Simple, clean, and conveys Autumn. I think I'd prefer slightly different lighting, only so it's a little less brown and maybe a little warmer. But absolutely gorgeous as is.

  8. DAMN! With bloating like that, will we have another funeral in the not so distant future?

  9. I believe it is both: a mouse deer being an Indonesian variety of deer is very smol and very adorable.

  10. Seems Kathy Manning has her little paws in everything. How is the SEC not on top of this?

  11. Seriously. Kept scrolling and she just kept coming up

  12. Absolutely. Ginger babies get spots everywhere as they age.

  13. There are plenty of stories where White Karens turn and yell at someone that we "Speak English in America" with the occasional 'go back where you came from', only to be told that they are speaking (Indigenous Language). Ive seen videos from at least New Mexico and Washington.

  14. Slightly off topic: Watched a Dr Pol episode yesterday. The poor ewe was suffering from a thiamine deficiency. Her disease was too far advanced and was diagnosed as fatal. The neurological symptoms she had were heart breaking to watch. I decided to not watch anymore animal shows for the rest of the day.

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