1. Yea and I got more than enough UR dust from it to make it worth 3k gems. The cosmetics are pretty good too, especially the sleeves.

  2. I would say that this luffy can put up a pretty good fight with kaido, he has the weapon to hurt him and can take hits himself, I personally still believe that if they were to do it in a fair 1v1 kaido would come out on top but luffy is far ahead of kidd and law if we’re

  3. If Luffy fought Kaido 1v1 now after awakening Gear 5, he would win again. It would be a lot less one-sided than his fight against Lucci though. Gear 5 is too OP.

  4. The official translation is „destroyed“ not eradicated. It sounds less dramatic but I don’t think Kidd will be of much relevance from now on. I doubt he really dies, one piece normally doesn’t kill people for nothing. But I would be absolutely interested to see Luffys reaction if shanks really did kill Kidd. He did consider him an ally after all…

  5. Tbh I like the fan translation for this more than the official. He's probably not dead, but it's my head canon until we see otherwise.

  6. Their chicken is delicious, why would I care what views a fast food restaurant has?

  7. America favorite fast food chicken place helped pay for this to pass via donations to Christian charities so congrats to those who support that.

  8. Chic-fil-a is so good, they can have my money as long as they give me my spicy chicken sandwich meal.

  9. They're insane tanks, but they do such low damage that I never run them outside of Red Zone because it's too tedious.

  10. So I'm a bit of a newbie and run a DM deck with DPE, seen this card a few times and had no idea how to play around it... what's the strategy for someone like me?

  11. DPE would work unless they summoned it with I:P Masquerena to protect from destruction. Otherwise, you need removal that does not target or destroy.

  12. I just use time pendograph (trap) to send it to the grave yard. That ot beat over it with a 6.8k monster. But another card people loose to because they don't read is performapal five-rainbow magician

  13. How does the 6.8k monster attack over it? Avramax would gain 6800 atk during damage calculation and you would lose 3000 lp.

  14. I just tried this and it seems jank. I dueled against Branded Despia and Exosister back to back which don't care about EMZ anyways.

  15. Can you DM me please? Haven't played in a few months and a server like that sounds interesting.

  16. I have every staple at 2 or 3 copies already so I have some spare UR points. I need to craft some Ishizu cards when Tearlaments drop though. You're right about the deck space being a problem and TTT is a much better card to use.

  17. Why should I play this when tactics does this + pot of greed + appointer?

  18. True, I've been running 2 tactics and it feels really good. I never use the change of heart effect though tbh.

  19. Streisand effect, I didn't even know people were spamming it until all these posts about people spamming it

  20. Just login for the dailies and get upset every time I login and get reminded of the shaft.

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