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  1. I think rather than anything, having the parents be culpable for unlocked weapons would be better. Civilly and criminally.

  2. Most teams have contracts (some decades long) with the RSN's. Many of these are in the multiple billions of dollars.

  3. Chances are there are clauses that MLB/teams will have to rebate the RSNs for any work stoppage. May work to Sinclair’s favor.

  4. If the lockout (which imposed by the owners, not the players) lasts so that content isn't produced then yes the team would likely not get paid by the RSN.

  5. Contract no. I’m just talking about a rebate for games missed (if any). Length would be the same but Sinclair gets to pocket some change versus lose as much was my point.

  6. These all seem to really fall under the guise of wanting people to convert to Christianity. Too “rapture” like for me.

  7. Have you seen the new one world religion church that just opened? It’s not a Christian church.

  8. I haven’t, but it’s very much a Christian thing that a “one world religion” will spring up and be controlled by the antichrist so…

  9. The talk is about birth control, not destruction.

  10. Then you think the elites would do something about Roe v Wade possibly being overturned.

  11. Paranoid me was thinking someone listening to a lot of anti-establishment anarchist pop punk rock could definitely end up on a list somewhere. A listening history of Katy Perry and BTS doesn't raise an eyebrow, but Bad Religion, Muse and Immortal Technique is a red flag.

  12. Remember that a lot of people link their Spotify to Facebook. You can request that Spotify give their data on how they categorize you. It's interesting but off since it says I have a AAIP affiliation though I'm not Asian/Pacific Islander but I did go on a kick of listening to NJPW theme music.

  13. I hate that I've succumb to using Spotify, it's brutally disadvantageous for artists, but hey, it works.

  14. Who cares about if Twitter removes a picture of someone without their mask? Be more concerned that it moves into them removing any other pictures of a politician in an even more compromising position. Like with Epstein.

  15. Could send it off to be refurbished. I think it's like $250? If these were a bit cheaper I would BIN and send it off.

  16. Agree. I think I remember these being around $200 without the mag extension a while back. Assuming you got the top one it’s not bad at that price


  18. I would remove the SIM and make sure to note that you are selling it locked to T-Mobile since it hasn't been activated and paid off to be unlocked.

  19. How is this person a whistleblower when she has never worked for the WHO? And is an anti-aging/gerontology scientist?

  20. Why are people defending one corporation over another? GM and Tesla both don’t give a shut about you.

  21. It's wild to me how much people are missing the point here. The big telecoms are trying to get monopolies on sport networks. Fuck the Kroenkes but they are not the baddies here. Comcast is trying to kill Altitude so it can get the broadcast rights.

  22. Actually most are trying to sell them off as right now those contracts lose money. Disney laughed and laughed at Sinclair I'm sure for buying the Fox Sports RSNs.

  23. Hmm.. This or the Rugged Razor 7.62 for $854 (including stamp) and the $300 in giftcards.

  24. 5G and LTE definitely doesn't work at Ball Arena.

  25. Why free and easy to get abortions should be available.

  26. This is a horrible right wing company. I would avoid.

  27. It’s about having money to defend yourself. Rittenhouse had $2 million dollars if I read correctly to have a pre-trial run, etc.

  28. He had that money because it was so obvious to people that it was self defense, not because he was white.

  29. Nothing to do with color. The justice system is resource based.

  30. Wife and I got high and had the same experience today.

  31. I swear for these people you can post anything and people just take it for truth. “Their screen name says they are a nurse!” and of course got on Twitter last month…

  32. Eh. Problem with the “Great Reset” is like the Mayan Calendar and doomsday. People will just kick the can down the road forever.

  33. Hopefully soon! Still have one that was cashed about 3 weeks after so still staring out my window.

  34. I still don't know why they used one of the worst Star Trek: TNG movies for a title. Couldn't they do First Contact?

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