1. This should be removed and put in another thread. We just watched this guy die

  2. I left my job 7 in the morning my bitch manager made it a problem for me taking a piss so i bailed and i have quit few days before

  3. Not my favourite word but its stupid "fart" means "speed" in my country

  4. Hvis du har betalt med krypto og du benægter lukker de højst sandsynligt sagen medmindre det er større mængder tror jeg

  5. Men hvis du har betalt PayPal eller noget er det svært at benægte for alle kan sende en pakke i end navn men ikke betale i en anden navn

  6. Men hvad skal vi så rulle tjalden med?

  7. There is a huge difference between this hash and "good" commercial hash. Its like comparing weed with rosin. You wont believe it but there are many people ready to pay more than 1200 per plate.

  8. I understand but its still so expensive enjoy ur bud i know its the best but its still a bit pricey and thats why i will be growing

  9. hiii can someone pls explain the unit of measurement used here thank youu

  10. Yeah it was a mistake but i have more så No problem

  11. It's the same guy trying to turn his own music into a meme by attaching it to existing memes and cutting them in annoying places. He's posted about 30 in the last couple of days. Very forced.

  12. Tog syre 4-6 da jeg var 16 har ikke rørt det siden er 17 nu og har taget svampe 3 gange med 1,5 og andre microdoser fortrækker svampe nu overfor syre

  13. Herocic boofed 4aco 34 mg "syntetisk avampe pulver" Også muligt at iv men der hva jeg 15 år

  14. I break em up and put them in bowls, get a fitted bowl sized mesh bag or get a screen and fit it a little over the actual hole in your bowl, and when you smoke it only glance the lighter over it unless you have hemp wick, maximize that flavor

  15. U can also grind ur bud put the hash on a coin heat it up till soft dont burn or let it smoke and take ur soft hash and press it in the bud perfect hash-bud

  16. Yeah some might say that. i only peeked some people er freaks im here not here to judge tho

  17. I do but with hash so i roast the tobacco so its easier to smoke and melt hash in the tobacco and mix It popular in eu s

  18. Use a pan the tobacco gotta smoke and shake it all the time when smoking not burning it just leave a nice smell in the end if u did it right

  19. I mean its super green... a lot of plant material in there

  20. Yeah cuz its lowgrade mesh they use and use sticks to bang the weed in a bucket lol

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