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  1. Why would they make a whole map just for it to be gone in a day

  2. What exactly is a Wacom tablet? It looks really good by the way.

  3. Thanks! Its a little tablet with a pen that you connect to a pc and you can draw with it.

  4. I'm afraid I don't know any good options that fit your criteria at the $100 price point, but for 60 more you can get the sennheiser 560s on Amazon. Afaik good quality wireless headphones don't exist at that price, or for any price even close to it.

  5. Considering you're using a mic, I assume this is for gaming? I recommended the Sennheisers because they're probably the best bang for your buck for a good all around headphone that sounds great with music and has great imaging for gaming. If you'd prefer an IEM, the moondrop Aria is pretty decent but I wouldn't recommend any IEM for competitive gaming. The beyerdynamic dt880 are supposed to be decent as well but I've never listened to them so harder for me to recommend.

  6. Great, I’ll check out the sennheisers. Thank you so much for the help. I really appreciate it!

  7. Wow. You’re really talented. I couldn’t draw that in a million years (I’ve tried)

  8. Where did you find this? Is it on sale somewhere or is it custom?

  9. Aliexpress. They're not real lego but they're compatable.

  10. And then when we get a kill on them they complain about aim assist

  11. Best ones were khonshu and moon knight, and even for something traced it looks amazing!

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