[Video] Transformations

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i finally got a breast reduction after years of trying! i am 2 weeks post op and i’ve never felt better. they removed about 5 pounds and i went from about a DDD to a C. my shoulder pain is gone and my back pain has almost disappeared.

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  1. Old daggi tradition of cock sucking, team jumping and etc

  2. Some Conor Stan downvoted you lol. People really love to hate Khabib but the same people come up with 1 million excuses for Conor and his team nearly blinding several fighters.

  3. How about this: Both Conor and Khabib are pieces of shit who just so happen to donate a lot of money to charity.

  4. The sitcom stuff was really tiring most people out

  5. I literally skipped the first 2 episodes because they were sending me to sleep. But from then on the show really picked up, and ended brilliantly imo.

  6. I'm so sorry for your loss. I know it will never really heal, but I'm glad you could find something like Wandavision that you could connect to. My loss pales in comparison. I found out October of last year that I had stage 1 uterine cancer. The only treatment was hysterectomy. I was 36, I have no children but had always kinda hoped I'd get to be mother. Experience that connection with a tiny human that I helped create. The cancer is gone. We caught it early enough that it hadn't spread. But they talk about beating cancer. They never talk about mourning the loss of what could have been. I know I'm extremely lucky. A lot of people don't find out until it's far too late. But I wonder at what my kid could have been.

  7. So sorry to hear this, but congratulations for beating cancer. I know it would never be the same, but there are a lot of kids/babies who have noone at all out there, you could adopt and make them your own (albeit not physically), but if you love them enough, they'd never see you as less of a mother.

  8. Tbh cooks and Servers shouldn't have painted or untrimmed nails, its very unhygienic, regardless of sex

  9. Literally give no shits for American politics (us British have more than enough of our own problems), but even I can see that this meme is truthful, lol.

  10. It's worth noting that one of these two also has a track record of saying things like "they're [Mexican immigrants] rapists criminals and thugs" and taking out full page ads to demand a group of later-exonerated by DNA black guys be executed, among other arguably racist antics

  11. They're both as bad as each other tbh. How are they the best leaders a country as big and advanced as the US can produce?

  12. Amazing transformation and determination! Shame on whatever parent fed him to become that large!

  13. Scary country the USA is. Weak fragile soyboys rule the country just because they have guns... Think I'll be taking it off my "to visit" list

  14. first time i’ve heard soyboy be used to refer to gun nuts.

  15. Have you ever seen the way these school shooters always look? The gun nuts at least usually respect the weapon eland dont use it to threaten and kill

  16. Without sounding mean, you could probably do to lose 15-20lbs too. You are very attractive already, but for your health and back issues I mean. Also breasts are composed of mostly fat.

  17. I know Nate is trying to act tough and stone cold about saying Khamzat aint shit but he just comes across as comical than intimidating lmao. This video is fucking gold, we have the run of the mill retarded TMZ sports reporter who kept saying Hazmat Chiminov, Nate stoned out of his mind then this guy who was in the wrong place at the wrong time lmfao.

  18. Nate: I don't want to be beaten to a pulp by no smelly russian rookie, I deserve more respec than that. Let my boy fight him instead!

  19. Lmao anytime I can outplay solo with thresh I celebrate bro.

  20. Gaming shortages likely due to console shortages (why make titles for console that most people don't own)

  21. No, but get this, if you make yourself a better person then people will treat you like a better person.

  22. Where do you draw the line? Should we deny that people change and never forgive anyone?

  23. Idk man, women beating is only a level bellow child molesting, which is the worst crime of all

  24. You guys must all be rich! Average wage is 2k per month in the UK, and rent in london suburbs/ essex is 1300 for a crappy 2 bedroom apartment.

  25. Im fine with him calling out people in his weight class. This is just stupid though and never going to happen. Might as well call out floyd Mayweather and both Paul brothers while he's at it.

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