1. Who's finna turn down 100k for sucking dick 1 time? Bro are you that scared of being called gay that you'll miss out on 100k? You don't have to tell anybody that you even had to do it💀 if I make a dish one time for my mother does that make me a chef?

  2. I literally just got done beating my dick to miina mariie off twitter I'm not gay nigga

  3. Cap A Lot, Can’t Move Me, & Don’t Miss

  4. Man fuck y'all for saying Urgency. I'm all the way triggered. Anyway let me give mine.

  5. I was broke before, don't like how it feels

  6. Believe Me, Glock In My Purse, Cigarette

  7. I have 238 Uzi tracks and 115 YB tracks so………

  8. someone in YB sub said every Uzi song sounds the same lol

  9. 💀💀pain, love and lyrical yb is way better then uzi and you’re just biased if you say otherwise

  10. YB doesn’t have one lyrical song better than New Patek.

  11. how interesting is it that the yb sub thinks yb is more versatile, yet the uzi sub thinks uzi is more versatile… i would have never have guessed that!! /s youre a dumbass lil bro

  12. uzi my favourite rapper, try again 😂

  13. Rage, AMP, and Prime So. No prime fredo tho?

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