[SPOILER] Charles Oliveira vs. Islam Makhachev

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  1. She’d be worshipped in her home country, what with being a cow and all that.

  2. "They think it's a big mistake that they sit behind the scenes...YOUR JOB IS GOING TO BE DONE BY AI!"

  3. Its just the fear of grappling. Oliveria striking looked so good against the other guys because the floor is lava. Meanwhile all macachev was doing was very basic southpaw stuff.

  4. Yep. After RD1, he realised grappling/BJJ was not his way to victory anymore.

  5. Dude, you read my mind. He has to thrown on the shades or I'm doing audio only.

  6. It's so fucking weird seeing Tim not knowing where to look as he rants.

  7. He’d act as a buoy, allowing both of them to hold on

  8. Obviously Lucy. She’s the only one willing to fuck him and feed him at the same time.

  9. Wft are you saying? Ben is ok with Black people....... Going to separate but equal schools.

  10. It’s kind of hilarious and I’m obviously joking, but I literally could not find one picture of Ben with a black person or any other ‘minority’ unless you count obese comedians as being oppressed.

  11. And unlike a certain podcast producer, he didn’t go to Jim Ned high school (TX), which was named after a Native American that betrayed his own people to the White Man.

  12. Was it even schizophrenia or did Tim have her falsely institutionalized after gas lighting her for years?

  13. Wouldn’t it be nuts if he was the one that asked her to buy all those beanie babies and McDonald’s toys?

  14. Tim did the fucking thing he told Whitney Cummings to stop doing: talking about the comedy industry on the podcast. Nobody fucking cares.

  15. I know I can use the google, but it would be more entertaining to hear it from you pigs. Who is Ray Kump?

  16. I’ve seen you quote that number many times, did you get that number from an episode or something

  17. I thought it was mentioned in the Rothschild ep that screenshot was taken from. Or was it a comment on Patreon?…

  18. "there's this... stigma... around sex offenders" - Yeah, no shit.

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