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Alleged GTA 6 leaks from GTAForums

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  1. A easy fix for that, talk with Selena Enjoyers and go in a journey together to find whales.

  2. Yes I do, and I'm tired of pretending I don't.

  3. Words that kill, would you speak them to me?

  4. Relationship advice: If a girl stares at you like that, marry her on the spot.

  5. Selena and Selena Enjoyers have one thing in common, I never know what the hell they are talking about.

  6. Alpha tea-bagging her enemies like a true gamer

  7. So that's why my Commandant has SuS in the name, It wasn't me or my chat who gave him that name, IT WAS LUCIA ALL THIS TIME.

  8. We can say... that all Gray Ravens constructs got massacred and them resurrected to life, we just need to ask Keanu Reeves to make the same to the commandant and then, it could be said that all the Gray Ravens members died and resurrected.

  9. "Falling GPU prices are a story of the past."

  10. So literally just under 50%? (Anchorage forecast is 50F today)

  11. I'm from Europe so that's is less than 10%. 10ºC.

  12. A tip for you: Start with Sophia instead, swap her out to Nanami immediately, and then swap Nanami out immediately for Karen. Free 3 ping on Nanami and Karen

  13. Machiavelli did indeed have Grand Blue song at one point, but recently had his theme song changed to Structure (the Nier collab song). I'm not sure about Ptegota queen though, I fought her with no sound.

  14. She also had Dream With You!, but if they put the singed version of Moon I'm gonna go crazy.

  15. Segs is a more powerful virus than Punishing

  16. While I could see this being a different game that's just edited to look like GTA6, I still wouldn't think that's the case. Most of the gameplay looks way to rockstar like (gunplay, ragdolls, character movement/animations Even the cover system looks straight out of their games.)

  17. At 0:48 in the video if you stop you can see a cola poster, yes this is GTA

  18. Remember what Big Boss said at the end of 4; the old ways eventually have to die so that a new normality can come forward. Everything dies. You can't stop it. You can't run away from it. Keeping Metal Gear alive on life support wouldn't do any good, it'd just be propping up the series as some sort of perfect icon, idealizing it while ignoring it's ideology. What exists will never be taken away, your memories, your experiences are valid. Hold on to what keeps you alive, and move forward to create a new future.

  19. No I don't, I'm playing MGS 4 bit by bit just because ps3 emulation it's still not stable with the hardware that I have.

  20. It's the same thing solid says at the end of 2, essentially. It's been the primary message of every game after mgs1: don't cling to an old idea or experience, instead cling to the feelings and memories that thing gave you and use those to do something new.

  21. That's true, sadly I wasn't able to enjoy 2 because of the camera and controls, they worked better on 1 (maybe because i played the pc version). I heard that some people are making a mod to use a camera like mgs 3, maybe they can fix/modernize the controls too.

  22. at first I'm like HELL YEAH and then I was like..

  23. Suicide Hotline Numbers If you or anyone you know are struggling, please, PLEASE reach out for help. You are worthy, you are loved and you will always be able to find assistance.

  24. Wait wait, I'm not literally trying to kill myself.

  25. I completely understand Nanami, neither of us know what we are doing.

  26. Looks like Selena finally found her apprentice

  27. "Your prosthetics and your cybernetics are no longer your own!"

  28. Stop bullying uncle, he will get even older than what he already is if you keep doing this.

  29. With the time it takes to finish the last Norman stage with malding i would finish all From Software games without malding.

  30. Every time a Gray Raven gets a new frame I get PTSD, I don't know, I'm in fear and in conflict...

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