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  1. Those are gift encounters though. Dratini is only a gift encounter if gotten from the Game Corner. If you're banning all mons that you can guarantee through dupes, than you must also ban Ratatta, Pidgey, Spearow, Zubat, etc...all mons which are 100% to obtain eventually. The area in the Safari Zone Dratini is located is only aquatic Pokemon which are all guarenteed to obtain as well. Therefore Dratini is guaranteed without needing to get it as a gift encounter in Celadon. The 1% encounter rate doesn't matter because you're 100% to get it through dupes.

  2. It might be guaranteed but it’s 100% guaranteed to flee because the safari zone is bullshit

  3. 80 dollars, but you can put batteries in it and it makes noise. If only I wasn’t financially responsible

  4. 3 minute BKC video with editing? That’s insane.

  5. Well it’s settled then, we need to nerf Miner’s crown tower damage again.

  6. Pokemon will run it in gen 1 if their movepools are barren enough to not really warrant any other fourth move but it functions differently in that gen

  7. To add onto this, you can mimic ANY of your opponent’s moves, your choice, in generation 1. This makes it decent as a scouting tool, as it fully reveals the enemy set, making walling it potentially easier. Generally, this is more valuable unless you can mimic something really good, like a sleep move or strong coverage like Earthquake/Blizzard.

  8. If it makes you feel any better, yesterday my group experienced the 7. In a somewhat crowded street. So it can always be worse

  9. Just put up a trade request when you can and I’ll get you one, last one got sniped and I don’t want that to happen again

  10. Wrap + Agility is a very strong combination, to the point where it’s banned in Gen 1 UU. The gen 1 games are easy enough where I’d consider some of your other options personally

  11. I did individual level caps for each gym, as it forced me to use new pokemon that I would have never otherwise for most of Kanto. Obviously, everyone has different preferences, though, so a singular level cap is better if you don’t have time to grind up a new team.

  12. Eelectross. Eel with arms really speaks to me for some reason.

  13. Safari zone is where chansey is in FR iirc, meaning abilities and thief wouldn’t help. My first instinct was to say thief as well haha

  14. abilities do work in the safari zone, actually, but as this is before Emerald, compound eyes has no effect outside of battle

  15. Okay, but can we talk about Heisenberg Booster tho?

  16. 252+ Atk Technician Breloom Mach Punch vs. -1 0 HP / 0 Def Terrakion: 354-416 (109.5 - 128.7%) -- guaranteed OHKO Crit didn’t matter, cool prediction nonetheless.

  17. Would you look at that, all of the words in your comment are also in alphabetical order.

  18. I understand en passant in chess but what does it have to do with evee being killed with a brick?

  19. So I caught this Staryu and I’m thinking about replacing my slowpoke with it because it’s got a better nature. Am I A) allowed to trade in a stone or B) is there somewhere else I can find it before the league

  20. Someone mentioned PokeAthelon, but the fisherman near Mt. Mortar can also give them out randomly if you register his phone number

  21. Use thousand waves so it doesnt escape into the toilet if its focus sash

  22. Thousand Waves prevents switching, not thousand arrows

  23. Rules are there for a reason. We take the spoiler rule very seriously. Just because some people disagree with the rule doesn't mean the rule is bad.

  24. We aren’t disagreeing you because we disagree with the rules. We disagree because this is really doesn’t violate the rules.

  25. This is information on how to get the best ending, specifically right after the first fight in Labyrinth. There aren’t any ending spoilers, though.

  26. Ahok, if it’s just what leads you to the fourth ending to start with then I think I’ve found that.

  27. Sure, but you can also get hit with random Sheer Colds that Ice types like to have. Plus Burn can save you from Freezes or Paralysis on switch in, and a Brick Break now does more damage than your unboosted Dynamic Punch with more PP.

  28. Rock smash is not going to do more than Dynamic Punch, especially in Gen 3 where it’s only 20 base power for some reason. Guts is only a 1.5x boost, while even in newer games Rock Smash only has base 40 (so effectively 60 after STAB)

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