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  1. The fact that everything (abilities, artifact, events…) is a plot piece instead of a plot point. Usually, plot points are things that make the plot advance following a line (exemple : Ichigo having hollow ability is a plot point along the arc « Aizen »)

  2. Well, be mad at Nintendo for their Divine managing of collector (Still mad for Xenoblade 3 btw), and fire your agent.

  3. Has the same genius vibe as « Just placed a buy order, didn’t go through, they’re sooo fuck » a sunday

  4. Ah yes, test for the crash fail over system. Sure we won't need it any time soon /s

  5. Bitcoin the block chain into the database, and then put a firewall on the VR please bro

  6. Ah yes, the famous security net that bring the content to the ground at mach2, one of the finest Wall Street™ product

  7. Things can be taken down from the Archives. Well we are fuk

  8. At least something is done. Take it and fight for more after

  9. Let’s sail to Temporal Tower, pals, adventure is calling

  10. There are a LOT of heads that need to be lopped off. Are you telling me you want to slow things down by having to pull on a rope and hoist a body out of the thing?

  11. Just like Japan has Tea ceremony, with strict rules and a long prep time, we should treat every two pieces of billionaires with care.

  12. Martinez often said dumb shit, but damn is he right on this.

  13. CDS mean Credit Default Swap. In ELISEC it say you get money if the other can’t pay their debt. It’s a insurance.

  14. Now hold on. Say he works all 18 hours he's allowed to this week for the teenage minimum wage ($5.90 an hour in Wisconsin).

  15. Lucky you, some olders guys had this experience way later in life

  16. According to the folks in my city's sub, all we have to do to fix this is to convince people to pay their rent. Apparently, everyone in eviction court is just pulling a long, elaborate scam on poor defenseless landlords.

  17. Hey, dear landbastard, hand over the house, and I’ll gladly pay you a fair amount

  18. Oh, a sarcasm detector. That's REALLY useful!

  19. Something here just went bip bip, did you do something

  20. Wait, MSM is beginning to talk about it? Just like the DD of old foretold

  21. Maybe if Amazon smile wasn't locked behind a checkbox asking for your soul, more people would have been interested

  22. People should learn about the original monopoly, called « the landlord game ». Long story short, if you find monopoly annoying and toxic as a game, well, that’s the whole point of the original version

  23. No, not you, who will raise interests rates if you’re not here ?

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