Gary is the equivalent to a snuff movie the way he fucks retail!SEC has approved the NSCC’s request to effectively set up an equity repo platform.. limit firesales.. ..caused by margin calls.. ..protections for SHF caught on bad short bets, faciliating the ability to borrow even "naked" shares.

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A scene from the reproductive rights marches that happened this weekend.

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  1. For the Americans looking through this: Do you guys remember those years in the mid-2000s where every store had to have a catchy song for back to school sales?

  2. *It's the most wonderful timmmmeeeee of the year!*

  3. IT WAS Staples! I remember the kids being a little older, but the facial expressions are the same. LOL

  4. No, I was frustrated, and remembered the cookies from season 6.

  5. OMG, we were in the same match. I'm Drekikona!!

  6. Might as well introduce the law for rape victims to marry their rapists next, considering these guys love the bible so much.

  7. Maybe that's also part of the point. All these incel virgin men who want to have regular sex getting tied to an unwilling woman they can then legally have sex with (probably)

  8. I haven't touched MCC in years

  9. I don't understand the reference...

  10. When was the cut off for what will be reported next quarter?

  11. July 31 to be reported at the September meeting I think.

  12. You're welcome. I'm assuming this because i think the June meeting this month indicated an April 30th cutoff. Then add 3 mos.

  13. I agree, season 2 wasn't so bad but when the sister got involved my God was it a train wreck after that.

  14. Wait, I thought there were only three seasons, and it ended with the sister.

  15. 4 seasons. Sister is in the last episode of season 4. Season 3 is still pretty good imo

  16. Ok. Been awhile and I lost track.

  17. Am I able to buy bbig now? I holding like 700of it. My cost price is $3.69. I want to dippp.

  18. I think today is the last day to buy bbig to get tyde due to t+2

  19. Have been hodling for over a year now; have seen highs and lows… STILL believe in the MOASS, but what will squeeze earlier…. When BBIG is first; i can buy def more shares of GME …. Just saying… didn’t sell till now…. Just verz temptedddd

  20. Yup. Holding over 1000 shares bbig because its supposed to go first. Holding out for $××× bbig because i can get a thousand gme far easier that way.

  21. From the other end of the country--my stim check came in this past Saturday. :) i paid my bills like a good Ape then bother another GME

  22. None of my family members call me about the stonk ups and downs because all of them think its cool that I'm excited about it and don't care otherwise. None of my friends know I'm holding it to this extent.

  23. How long do you wait? I’ve been seeing these posts, so I haven’t claimed it yet, but it hasn’t changed. I checked it around 6:30am. Checking now (4:30pm), and it’s still the same.

  24. I didn't open mine the last two days and its still the same thing. It doesn't change.

  25. Lmao I can hear the drama coming out of its body posture ::woe is me. here lay i, your cat. insufferable from heat exhaustion.::

  26. It has FUR. You don't. You can take off your outer layers.

  27. You can get nekkid. Cats can't. And they will judge you for it every time. At least in my experience.

  28. Well, apparently I missed more than I thought. I thought he had Turtwig and it didn't evolve.

  29. While I'm happy this Nazi asshole spends his final days in jail, it's bittersweet he got to live his whole life first.

  30. fortunately, no. I just like to see evil people suffer. and suffer. and suffer some more, and top if with a cherry of social ostrastization.

  31. Hayden Christensen after Jumper? At least, he hasn’t been in major starring roles after that IIRC. (I know he’s back for the Obi-Wan Kenobi series)

  32. Wait, I've seen Jumper. I KNEW he looked familiar in it, but didn't know who it was.

  33. He looks like that dude in the purple suit that was staring at the lady staring straig--Jessica Jones. I'm thinking of Jessica Jones.

  34. I start by figuring out what the obvious meta king(s) will be, put them into Team Builder to see their weaknesses, and start by picking things that dumpster them. Then repeat to get their body guards. Then fill my holes.

  35. ok. I will try that this time instead of USING the meta!

  36. Started last month at ...50ish shares about 2.56 ish. Climbed since. Just put my last $$ in for 200 more shares. Ill have 900. Average 2.20.

  37. I worked one Christmas season in 2009 at Target as a cashier and broke 11 ceramic piggybank trotters at least in that stint and while I've never worked at Target since, this thread just reminds me of it lol

  38. What do you mean by infestation problem?

  39. Who the fuck is this nobody, and why are we all of a sudden promoting her tweets? It's like a new Unusual Whales.

  40. I was holding out for MOASS last year to switch jobs. I gave up and realized I should live like MOASS won't happen, because my career depends on it. I took a job in the finance dept this past April for a small pay raise I'm using to buy GME.

  41. Heads up, I looked into it a few years ago. It can be very hard to leave here. US is one of the only places that charges more than a cheap filing fee to leave. One person isn't too bad, but I'd have to pay around 10k to the government to be allowed to leave with my family. That also doesn't take into account that it's also hard to get into other countries unless you have a connection or a specific, in demand skill set.

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