1. There are worst ways to use tax payer money that happens on a daily basis

  2. Some random company paints their car pink for breast cancer awareness and everyone raves for it. State police do it and all negative comments. Cant make this stuff up!

  3. Name a company that shoots innocent people, and I'll join you in giving them negative comments.

  4. Since your submission is flaired as REAL, please reply to this comment with the link to the original, or else Ben Shapiro will steal your feet pics and remove this post.

  5. Lauren Windsor. Same woman that followed Matt Gaetz down the street asking him "Are you a pedophile? Are you a pedophile?" She's brilliant.

  6. Need some context, I'm unaware who this is or what they've done, please and thank you

  7. Watch the Jan 6th hearings or the coverage of them, which has been happening on nearly every news channel, podcast, late night show, YouTube, etc etc etc.

  8. Women wear string bikini's. This covers more, don't see the issue. Some booty shorts on top might make it work.

  9. Next time vote Democrat, even if you hate the person (Hillary) because the alternative is this...and wait for other things coming to us from the false Christian right terrorists.

  10. I hate how correct you are. We're in this rut because of how many people stayed home or voted for a third party in 2016 because they didn't like Hillary. I was one of them. I know better now. I hope we all know better now

  11. And decriminalize marijuana and $15 minimum wage... To be fair his term isn't half over yet, but if they wait much longer they're fucked at the midterms. People's memories are short, so maybe they're waiting until October? I realize I sound like I'm huffing on copium...

  12. Your brain must hurt all the time, considering the comments you leave. Your brain is probably trying to escape your body, to be at peace.

  13. What new evidence has come to light since then that could've changed their opinions to impose their religious beliefs on the country?

  14. Better take a recess after singing "God Bless America".

  15. Jeremy and his wife have been married for over a decade. Why haven't they had children? Do you think he's shooting blanks? If so, why haven't they adopted? Having children is should be a choice, but Jeremy has so many strong opinions about children, you'd think he has a dozen of them. But hey, maybe he does have 14 gay black children, and the next time he's drunk and needs a good defense he'll bring them up.

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