The Supreme Court Is On The Verge Of Killing The Voting Rights Act

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'Obscene,' Says Sanders After CBO Reports Richest 1% Now Owns Over 1/3 of US Wealth

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  1. Wonder how much all these fucks make per year… bet it’s wayyy up there above us plebs.

  2. How does one pay to pull the tokens out? With SG or other means. I have a lot, but haven’t looked into pulling them out and swapping them.

  3. I took out about 90% of what I had when I saw those warnings, kinda wish I took it all out at that point

  4. Once Celsius had their meltdown, I pulled out of blockfi like I pulled out of a hooker in Vegas!

  5. What a development. Feel bad for the retail investors.

  6. Most are dual citizens. They bought their citizenship through investment.

  7. Don’t act dumb. We all knew this. Now is the time to really show how those fancy jpegs work.

  8. Alarming, to say the least, that they didn’t have the courtesy to send an email about halting platform withdrawals/functionality but wanted to send a “friendly” reminder to pay your credit card bill.

  9. Just another factor in how they operate their business. I only knew they halted withdrawing, because someone in this group posted the official blockfi twitter posting. Sad that twitter is what you have to go to for real-time updates.

  10. BlockFi just posted they are pausing withdrawals. This isn’t a fire drill… Don’t say you weren’t warned.

  11. People are so cocky. I’m not spreading FUD , I have been rugged on an exchange before. I’m just trying to spread awareness.

  12. Props for trying to help… oh well. People are like, “I’ve had my funds in blockfi since Jesus was a kid, they ain’t doing me wrong” pfffff. Yeah right!!!

  13. I’ve been on Reddit for a minute now, sry, but what are moons exactly?

  14. You earn moons for posting in this sub. You can give them as tips to people

  15. You do realise the balance sheet you’re referring to is not complete as pointed out by Caroline Ellison, CEO of Alameda, two days ago?

  16. Of course sir. We all do take her opinions seriously. I’ll kindly wait for the “adjusted” balance sheet to come out.

  17. Joint income? Pre-tax what

  18. Just quit messing with binance all together and use another exchange to dump your HNT. There are several that still offer the pairings you want.

  19. Seriously? So all the hoopla I’ve been reading for weeks about how custody or “pure custody”, lulz, account holders less than 7k are getting their money returned was bullshit?

  20. Not BS per se, but a proposed resolution due to how the TOS were written. Funds in the custody accounts were denoted as not actually belonging to Celsius, since they cannot loan them and you don’t earn on them. The proposal was to allow returning of all custody money up to a 7K ceiling.

  21. I use CoinEx, because I can use it without kyc. I’m in Texas and cannot use

  22. Ok so what about increasing funding for soccer, tennis, and basketball? Instead of football and wrestling, more B, C, and D teams to give more kids an opportunity to play and get some exercise?

  23. In many parts of the world, kids play football aka futbol aka footy aka soccer. That’s the sport that’s ingrained in cultures besides the US. Scandinavia, it’s hockey. India it’s cricket. Anywhere you go, there is one major sport that sucks up the attention, thus the resouces follow. That’s just the way it is. If the spectators want to see it being played, it’s giving the people what the want. People don’t want to go to a stadium to watch the youth do a spelling bee or a math competition.

  24. Fielding a soccer team costs maybe 1/10th what it does to run a football team. I don’t give a damn how many people come to watch a sport - it’s about giving children the opportunity to express themselves athletically.

  25. Isn’t that what they are doing with the massive football promotion?

  26. At this point she's rich enough to be that stupid.

  27. She hocked some stupid diet shit pill or powder once… wonder if the people that didn’t lose weight complain and did the FDA (or whatever worthless 3 letter agency) fine her for promoting it?

  28. Yet at my company, we get penalized for barely letting one fart leak go unnoticed for like 6 hours.

  29. Do the wealthy own liquor stores? Because those make mad money in all these scenarios!

  30. I use CoinEx. It’s non kyc. Deposit, swap to something else, move off into wallet or to exchange to cash out. And I’m in Texas too, so no

  31. Ehh, the app is dogshit though… and their brand is confusing to say the least. Which FTX are we supposed to use?

  32. Do you remember the first Amazon website? Absolute dogshit… and now. Still dogshit, just wrapped in gold.

  33. You want to see a website still stuck in 1990s? Go check out US Treasury department owned "Treasury Direct" web interface. On top of that, a simple inquiry via phone to their customer service will waste more than 6 hours of your time.

  34. More difficult? Do I have to hit the mine button three times in a row and watch 2 ads now?

  35. How do you increase home ownership for someone who can’t afford to buy?

  36. Lower the price of the homes, but you know, increase the interest rate!! Win win for all!! (If you’re government)

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