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  1. Still a really dick move to steal their mothers dragon away while he's there during a time of mourning for dead-mother.

  2. Bc people on reddit like to blame the breed for their shit owners behavior. Kinda like when someone says a young child is an asshole, except they obviously learned it from somewhere (usually the parents, who are most likely also assholes.)

  3. Thank you for answering my question, I think I'm gonna get it now. I might even see you on the field!

  4. I dont know, he hasn't finished writing that series either.

  5. Some of these people HAVE to be doing this just to be shit stirrers right? This guy cannot legitimately believe this.

  6. The made up sexuality of the made up female character is stopping you from beating your meat? Sad.

  7. Any server that advertises membership should also advertise how to get it.

  8. I'm sure this post is genuine, but I think a fair bit of astroturfing by Prime is being done on this sub and other places.

  9. It's so much fun watching Show-Only fans scrabble over characters <3

  10. Still a dick move to come in during a time of mourning and attempt to bond with their dead mothers dragon.

  11. True, but why didn't the kids find an adult instead of attempting to ambush the person?

  12. Is confonting ambushing? Things didn't turn violent until tempers flared.

  13. I'm not going to be insulting like some others here, but I really do think you're putting way too much thought into this. It'd pornography, stuff to make your dick feel good. Take it easy my man.

  14. I'm all for the Blacks. The Greens can go fuck themselves.

  15. Dunno might have something to do with the fact it's a volcanic island.

  16. This is a video of a metal sphere rolling around on the floor.

  17. You've done perhaps the best thing a parent can do, youve taught your child empathy.

  18. Western wokists, the most entitled and privileged group humanity has ever produced.

  19. Women act like human beings challenge impossible

  20. I implore you to seek help, perhaps therapy to lift yourself out of that hole you're digging for yourself. There's still hope, don't give in. You're better than this.

  21. Now do you see, impressionable young men? Just point out the gross femoids' hypocracies, while simultaneously not addressing your own problems, and you'll be a Sigma-Goda male in no time!!!!

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