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  1. There was no plan A to begin with. They thought Ikraine won't fight back.

  2. The mobile (iOS and Android) ports sometimes glitch out when you try to access the areas in the lower half of the map. The shard you need is indeed on the other side of the train ride.

  3. I guess i have to just sit and wait until there is solution :/

  4. Maybe now people will shut up about "bUt RuZzIa GoT nUkeS".

  5. From what i seen on this sub, Russian's hardly avoid friendly fire.

  6. Last week i saw article about Lukushenka saying he will begin "Special operation" as well, now he praises Ukrainian soldiers. I feel like Lukushenka is a child who keep switching "sides" when something goes wrong.

  7. Wait... That came out? I just saw the 1st trailer and saw nothing else for it.. Guss, it didn't get any money for marketing lol

  8. I mean... they did sent dude who was champion in some tank video game, and he was considered a "pro" at actual tanks.

  9. Well social media is double edged sword, i suppose some do that because they want to show how good they are and support Ukraine. But that's my opinion, and then we got Poland. Tanks mysteriously disappeared from Poland, and appeared next to Ukraine border and nobody knows how they got there.

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