1. They cut lux out of the trailer bc it would force yt to confirm that youre over 18

  2. They un-emo-ed my balter, can't have shit in detroit.

  3. I see I'll check out PGR but maybe I'll wait for both AG and ZZZ

  4. Ag is dead on arrival, zzz is just roguelike with no real substantial combat mechanics

  5. In global you don’t have much choice, especially since Honkai3rd remains the most « modern » in character gameplay.

  6. Bruh you're good for your very first time. Keep going bruh. (╯✧▽✧)╯

  7. Thanks! And yes ofc! Pls provide me the link afterwards would be cool :)

  8. Looking at the global version overall, it really seems hit or miss with some patches having near flawless translations, and then some being complete ass. Seems like their localization team either has a high turnover rate, or outsourcing was/has been involved to some capacity.

  9. No21s patch was a complete miss localization wise. Sad. This one is quite good tho

  10. Different inver devices just have different designs- some based on preference or practicability (chrome).

  11. Pgr after chapter 12, it shows its full potential on chapter 20 with balter patch

  12. The problem with oversexualization is how inherently blatant and crude it is. There's nothing wrong with sexiness as long as it's refined and tasteful, like how Path to Nowhere does it (perfectly, in fact). In Nikke, on the other hand, it's all tits and asses jiggling about, and that's just ... base, really. Degenerate. Depraved. Even more so when so many of the girls look like minors, with some appearing to be in their early teens. All the girls from Nikke together wouldn't hold a candle to Zoya, Bai Yi, Eirene, or Langley (specially Zoya; to me, Eirene is best girl, but Zoya is just something else in the sexyness department).

  13. Yep this is the first gacha game I've played where your units don't put you up on some kind of pedestal (Blue Archive's sensei is the worst offender), and you have to work hard to build rapport with them.

  14. Blue archive is plain fanservice so the charcaters are supposed to fall for you

  15. There’s another boss this mechanic applies to i think?

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