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  1. this might be just the dumbest fucking thing I've ever seen. "I'm old and don't like change, what's with these dIgiTal mEnUs??" Go back to not posting here, or anyplace often.

  2. They are going alphabetically. I’ve got time to prepare.

  3. What really strikes me as being odd and out of the normal is I have scanners running 24/7. I keep one in the barn and one in the house and I’m counting on average 10 EMS calls for CVA every day. I know people will say that happens all the time but I’m telling you, that I’ve never heard that many calls for heart issues, ever! I’m not blaming it on the vaxx or the beer bug because I honestly don’t know. I just know it’s highly unusual that’s all.

  4. Probably already spent a billion on advertising well drying up

  5. And it's too bad that Square-Enix took every trope of the corrupt, money-grubbing game publisher and did every one to Mankind Divided. Everything from the MLM preorder scheme, to cutting the game in half to sell it in DLC, to cancelling the whole franchise because no one bought into their scummy plan.

  6. Playing slepping dogs now i think they use to be good hopefully rockstar games dosen't fall to this

  7. And begins. This sub will be inundated with prime-tv level of entertainment. I'm just here with the 🍿

  8. Nothing is going happen. Did he even shoot any black people why is this a race issue?

  9. The first thing I noticed was that Bradley Cooper resembles Andrew Ryan. Then I saw the title.

  10. Meh just use gasoline instead. She'll run rough for a few miles but it should clear right up after that.

  11. Yup they have to talk to you first. Definitely goes against my vision of an Arthur who just smokes O’Driscolls on sight

  12. Shot him the gut by accident and he slipped in the fire, recently. +Honor

  13. Take-Two has been on a slow descent ever since Strauss Zelnick became CEO and majority shareholder. R* has been kept afloat by GTA5 SP and RDR2. But since they pretty much focused on GTAO and made that mode as grindy as possible, it's been shit. Same with 2K Sports and NBA2K. Those basketball games werr amazing, until they introduced MTX. At first it was for the card collecting mode, now they shoehorn the SP career mode into a MT mode which is grindy as hell.

  14. Damn did Dan Houser name the character in Red Dead after him before he left?

  15. This post kicked me off and had a bunch of shit about path and pavement then it went to this smaller text in SS Might be a bot or karma farm

  16. Pfizer says “science” sodomizes the human brain.

  17. SS: suddenly, with no explanation of where he's been, Newsom has started tweeting again, singing the praises of the booster shot over a week after disappearing from public.

  18. Its already been spun they will clear up the bells palsey in a day or two

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