Stranger Things Season 4 Volume 2 Series Discussion

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NATO: Turkey agrees to back Finland and Sweden's bid to join alliance

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  1. Tienen 57 reactores nucleares, 26 funcionando porqué tienen algunos en mantenimiento o porqué la temperatura del agua de refrigeración del circuito abierto supera la temperatura que marca una ley, ese problema no lo tendrán en invierno y la ley se puede cambiar. Ya quisiéramos nosotros los problemas energéticos de los franceses.

  2. Tienen los reactores parados por qué encontraron corrosión en las soldaduras de las válvulas en los circuitos de refrigeración han tenido que ir parando las centrales una a una para ver el grado de afectación y subsanar los problemas, como en invierno el agua no se congelé en valvuleria ya me dirás cómo se soluciona eso.

  3. Pero las válvulas se podrán cambiar supongo.

  4. Hombre si, pero tienes que conseguir que te las hagan parar el reactorny cambiarlas, no es como una pieza de un coche. Que no te extrañe que un apaño de estos lleva varios meses.

  5. I was wondering what would happend to the market if Pelosi died during her sleep from natural causes on her Taipei visit. Could that start ww3 over the concerns of a Chinese assesination?

  6. Don't listen to is 'geopolitical' commentary'. He doesn't have a clue and thought last covid shut-downs were in fact a conspiracy to smuggle weaponry to invade Taiwan.

  7. Anyone in timber stocks? Been looking at PCH and like it so far.

  8. One could say that is more probable to get infected by Toxoplasma if you live in rural areas and living in the rural usually raises the chances of having conservative takes. It is very hard to infer causality in this kind of studies.

  9. I was there on vacation and really enjoyed it lovely country and lovely people. For me the only thing that I dislike is that the whole tourist experience was overly centered on the suffering of the Irish people, how bad the Brits were and how fucked up the IRA times were. I know it is a huge part of the Irish history and they struggled su much under the British rule, but the Celtic culture is amazing and I didn't see such emphasis on that part. That was just my experience, in any case I totally recommend visiting Ireland.

  10. Well anyone who knows about basic history can tell that Portugal is the southern Galician province. But everything can be discussed around a bottle of good vinho

  11. Houses were built for when air conditioning wasn't common - or, in the case of my house, wasn't a thing! Houses in cold areas were often insulated, but in warm climates they were built lightly with large windows, to keep them as near to the outside temperature as possible. Building for the climate often meant wide verandas to keep the walls shaded, and ventilation above doors, or even not taking walls up to the ceiling, to allow maximum air movement.

  12. Also building houses without insulation is way cheaper and allows for higher margins and more possible buyers on new promotions.

  13. What happens if I short an ETF designed to short a stock?

  14. If you are experiencing the log out issues on the web version of trading view you can fix it by login out. Deleting the web browser cache and login in again. 0 problems after that.

  15. The ticker is for a diff company, my bad

  16. Does anyone know how would winter impact the conflict. I understand that it makes motorized transport easier as mud freezes. But would that play to Ukraine's or Russia's advantage?

  17. Freedom could be, if the other option is a decade or more in prison.

  18. I always thought that we would rather see a slow decline followed by a long time of stagnation, but damn you have to admit there is a perfect storm brewing up for China right now and maybe there is really something behind the assumption of a real crash coming soon:

  19. I think the key aspect is the first point. If you check global stats about how much leverage company's use you'll see that china leads the list. Same applies to the government. Being highly levered (using debt to fuel your growth) works wonders when the income of that growth surpasses the cost of the debt. The problem is that once growth stops problem arises and if the whole system is highly leveraged you have systemic risk and contagion, you only need a few big companies to delay payments to see a tsunami of defaults. The picture looks grim.

  20. I am left wondering if the mind flyer is really evil. When 01 arrived in the upside down he was really beaten up and we see how he met with a Demogorgon that apparently ignored him, even though they are vicious killing machines. When he reaches all the particles of the hive mind it takes a moment for them to morph into the spider like creature that 01 drew when he was a kid. I wonder if we will learn in season 5 that the hive mind was not evil at all and when 01 consciousness entered in contact with the hive, he tainted it with his evil making everything in the upside down as murderous and evil as he is.

  21. Is there a reason for not buying into Berkshire at this current levels? Isn't the ultimate value play?

  22. Maybe. I also think the ESG scoring really hurts steel companies. They’re not going to have any choice soon but to make direct payments to share holders via dividend now that balance sheet is healthy.

  23. I really wonder who the fuck cares about ESG. "I am not going to invest where opportunity arises because the board of this company is not diverse enough". For me it is just nuts. Can someone point to one company that failed to rise capital in the stock market because of ESG?

  24. Anyone could point me to some resources about the current situation with natgas in europe and the outlook for next winter?

  25. San Marino and Vatican but no Italy? Wth

  26. Kid obviates the Italian flag because he defends the croatian sovereignty over the Italian peninsula.

  27. I bet the negotiations went something like: "we won't concede in any of your public demands but if you want to go full Saddam on the Kurds in your territory we would look the other way". Erdogan:"Sounds good enough to me".

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