1. Right? I can't imagine cured meat out of a jar could be very good

  2. Exactly, I'll take mine from a form fitting plastic bag like God intended

  3. Maybe eat the orange. Nothing wrong with a snack now and then, all things with moderation and life goes well

  4. Bureaucracy getting in the way of common sense is neato

  5. Nope. There are lots of reputable sources to back this up. Its even a myth that microwaves target water specifically

  6. Honestly, I had to check the platform and rating. It's on FX and is rated TV-MA. So, yeah, just because the Disney studios produced it doesn't mean kids should watch it. People need to pay attention.

  7. To be fair these have been around for decades

  8. Classic popsicle option. I liked the ice cream filled ones best

  9. It’s a linguistic phenomenon called metathesis. It’s not uncommon. Sometimes it takes root so hard that it actually ends up changing the spelling and pronunciation of a word.

  10. How do you like the signal? I currently carry a skeletool

  11. Those are rad! I like a little more lip flare on my mugs but damn that is cool. When will they be available?

  12. Kind of annoying but does encourage participation, and therefore exploration, of the smaller subreddits before you can join in the big boys

  13. Tip didn't go to the restaurant that had to buy the replacement.

  14. If it’s a container ship it’s empty which means they are higher out of the water

  15. You can see the red mark at the waterline. I wouldn't think they sink 30feet fully loaded

  16. What is that? Where could I find one inthe us? Looks crepe adjacent

  17. Go talk to them, go talk to hoa, go talk to police in that order.

  18. Reminds me of the time I tried brushing on a ship, definitely in my Top 40 losses.

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