[OC] I made this for my girlfriend after I showered at her place

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  1. You did not mention a budget so I will just describe how I went looking for my bow:

  2. Still as fine as ever, I'm making decent bucks and there are plenty of ads.

  3. Ah yeah. I haven't really had issues on browser, but I earn quite a bit less there due to ad volume and the ads paying less points each.

  4. Yeah I know, but Hideout on Firestick is a US only thing just like many other ad earning opportunities. It sucks that it doesn't seem to be working well for people right now, though. Hope they'll fix it soon so you can go to the moon again! =)

  5. If I don't play for a day I feel bad. It's partly because it's such a habit but also because it's my passion and connected to my goals and ambitions. Also, not practicing for a single day sets me back a bit, it feels like regress really. My girlfriend doesn't really understand why I don't "just skip" violin for a day or two unless it's an emergency. The last time I skipped was months ago to help a friend move, cause otherwise he'd have been stuck with his furniture on the street.

  6. In some states the lack of right to bodily integrity (no protection from genital mutilation / circumcision) as well as bodily autonomy (forced military draft)

  7. Careful with trying to achieve the sound you hear from videos. Microphones can color it, the preamp can color it and you can alter it in post production. This video for example may have a high shelf, low pass filter and a boost to its upper mid range so the frequencies you hear are quite drastically altered compared to the original signal.

  8. That's awesome. Even 90 minutes straight with no crash is a large improvement over crashing every 25 minutes!

  9. Of course, but what I was saying is that I've gone a day without crashing even without your fix, and then it started happening very frequently again. It's so random, so I need to play a few more days to tell for sure. But again, I'm hopeful! After all those troubleshooting steps that did not help at all I finally might have found the solution thanks to you! I'll let you know in a day or two.

  10. Yeah that's understandable. My crashes while random were still a little predictable. Seemed to happen atleast once an hour.

  11. Oh yes right. We need to double our prices again because umm...still inflation and supply issues, aw man that's terrible *rubs nipples*

  12. As a beginner, I have something similar that I'm very happy with.

  13. It's good as a beginner. I used to do that, too! It becomes increasingly unreliable as you advance though. For one, it can only keep up with slow speed. Also a pitch can change slightly without your finger moving. Thirdly, the tuner becomes useless when vibrato is involved. Finally, the relative pitch might be exactly correct but some prior note could have been off, and now the tuner leads you to believe you fingered the note incorrectly that you actually fingered well, relative to the prior note. Relative pitch is important. For an example look no further than the initial tuning, where you need to tune the violin in pythagorean perfect fifths but almost all tuners use the just intonation system.

  14. I don't think it would qualify. If they want you to play a piece from the grade 8 list then you're going to have to play one of the listed pieces, no? If you have an alternative like this in mind then you should absolutely ask the school, not us.

  15. Why don't you ask your teacher that? We can't tell you what your teacher is planning to go through with you.

  16. I don't agree with generalizations but presuming it's true: let's reverse the number and say 97% of women are looking for commitment only, like 97% of men in your example only want sex. It means that 97% of matches that men get are also gonna be pointless. Which means women will still have way more valid options to choose from, this considered.

  17. I wait until it feels right. Usually a few dates to test sexual compatibility early on. Wouldn't wait months; have in the past and regretted it.

  18. Good room with natural acoustics! Nice background! And, of course, I liked the playing, too! :D Your bowing has become really clean over the months...makes me think I should work on mine more :P

  19. Update from 6 months later. I have put myself out there much more and gotten to know more people. As well as try your tips.

  20. I just want to give you mad props for going for it and giving it a go. You rock, most men wouldn't do it!

  21. I'm ambitious and stubborningly so at times, so I won't just accept a subpar performance of a piece and just move on to the next. It doesn't need to be flawless at all but for me to be satisfied it has to be "good" overall. There was a long piece (12 pages) I spent over 6 months on (it was a stretch piece when I picked it up so I wasn't that quick to progress).

  22. Mine had scratches I only noticed weeks after arrival and Displate support immediately arranged a replacement shipment. And on a Sunday to boot.

  23. Hi there, could you define "adjust to"? If you mean learn the basics then I'd say around two years for the fundamentals you mentioned. You'll never really be done working on them, though, especially bowing and intonation!

  24. I would recommend anyone to just put those 270 towards purchasing a better violin. This doesn't work and might damage your bridge.

  25. But this thing can do the practicing for you! Just throw money at the problem and within a month you're going to sound like a virtuoso! (/s)

  26. It's not a requirement. Just learn whatever scale makes sense right now, learn shifting once you are taking lessons again.

  27. Thanks man! Your username really suites this sub! Hope you’ll join in on the Jam when the mood strikes you.

  28. I know right! Also, been planning to Jam with you guys for many months now! I'm admittedly a slowpoke at it. Getting into using the recording gear and software requires more time than I imagined and I've also in the meantime adopted two lovely kitties who keep me busy more than I thought, too (ask for pictures and OP will deliver 😁). I'll page you when I post something =)

  29. There is always the “pet in case” post if you wanna stay on theme for this sub too.

  30. There's not been a cat in my case yet and not for lack of trying. I'm keeping it and all its contents as safe as possible from these mischievous kitties

  31. Simple social psychology advice from two therapists and a coach. Just ignore the junk and move on, let others appreciate it

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