1. Well Ubisoft is a massive company keep in mind. Arkane not really even in the slightest. They definitely could. All game devs have the ability too. Just some studios are smaller and dedicate their time to one thing at a time

  2. Arkane have a practically bottomless bank account at this point. I wouldn't call them small really

  3. They also delayed countless games last year but of course look over that for the mantra right?

  4. The human eye can only see 30 Todds per second anyways, I don't understand why anyone would want 60 Todds when your eyes can't even see them.

  5. I think its 60 the human eye can see? Might be wrong but I tend to notice a difference between 30 and 60.... struggled to notice much difference from 60 to 120 though! Looking forward to the game, glad they delayed it

  6. I remember being absolutely blown away by the graphics of Riddick back in the day

  7. still waiting for disco elysium to go on sale

  8. Those pineapple lights have been really difficult to come by of late, glad you finally got one!

  9. How did you make your hands look like that? (Sorry if dumb question)

  10. I played at launch, and was disappointed with it, I put it back on the shelf and reinstalled when 1.5 dropped, and I was amazed at just how high the quality of the game was, in every respect. Elden Ring sucked me away from Cyberpunk but I will be going back to it when I'm done

  11. Titanfall 2 is an excellent, excellent and fantastic bloody game, can't speak for call of chtulu, but they seem like very different genres so depends what itch you want to scratch right now

  12. This is ubisoft, they've been missing the mark heavily for the last few years, my expectations are really low

  13. Idk why this whole dislike for JK came from. I love this dude so much. He isn’t John. He never was. His musicianship is still incredible and his presence/energy refreshed the group. Seeing his live sets and him out there playing alone takes some balls to do. Ontop of that doing some one man show. His creativity is amazing. This sub should really be kinder to this man.

  14. Josh is a fantastic guitarist, he's got a different sound than john, and he was never going to be able to fill those shoes, but he played on two fantastic albums, that being said, they sound much more focused with john back

  15. Californication, by the way, look around, higher ground, raindance maggie, dani California, factory of faith.. were ones we used to do. Black summer sounds okay for a cover band to do aswell

  16. That's the funniest thing I have seen today I know that much

  17. I think a lot of the younger fans have a different lens from us guys that had "Give it away" dropped on us then the experience of every album since.

  18. I started listening from californication, I can associate each album with a certain time in my life. I love the earlier stuff like freaky styley and uplift mofo too... maybe it's just me getting older but I really like the mellow stuff. And unlimited love is really mellow, its great

  19. Disgusting, what is wrong with people?

  20. Is John a better singer? - yes, but would it be RHCP without Anthony at the front? - No

  21. The lack of direction is where I may struggle the most. Do you literally just wander with no real structure or knowledge if you’re doing what’s necessary?

  22. This is what makes it fun imo, you find things out for yourself and not just following a quest log or minimap, you stumble upon characters, quests, locations and enemies so organically... maybe for me, it harkens back to playing older games on ps one etc, it's not for everyone though

  23. The only difference I'd expect from a more expensive cable is higher durability.... in terms of what it does, should be exactly the same as long as its HDMI 2.1

  24. VQ all day long for me personally, although DoaM is fantastic too

  25. If you have then you have the latest update, it has updated to 4K, at least for me it has, it's an old game, so graphics are still going to be very dated. Its definitely 4K though.

  26. What made no sense to me at all now makes total and complete sense..... thank you.

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