1. I'm sure if she's a true friend she'll stay if not it's better because if you have a friend and they're really your friend they'll stick with you through thick and thin no matter what anyone says or thinks about you. it's really sweet how you do that! I do something similar. I do these things called positive paragraph that I give to people who need it.

  2. The teen titans gets me nice to see your having fun doing this! Let's get an azerath metrion zenthos!

  3. So why would anyone trade for a regular pokemon when they have a shiny?

  4. First off buddy, nobody asked for your opinion second off, if you didn't want to do it why did you waste your time responding to this post

  5. I'm just curious as to why'd you would post something like this in the first place

  6. Lol how would you like to get to know each other? A game of truth or dare or something?

  7. No that's murder and the police isn't after you unless you did something

  8. Yeah I mean I have an op battle team I worked hard to get, but not everyone has that

  9. I was just lucky enough to get a level 100 guzzlord from the wonder trade, because if i didn't have him, i was already out of the battle.

  10. That's not what i ment. I mean like a temporary Pokémon i can use before i can acces the Crown tundra since you need to beat all the gyms before you can catch Pokémon there.

  11. Just one i would catch and use before i could catch the one i am actually supposed to use.

  12. Ah ok well I'm sorry about that I don't think there's anything I can do to help

  13. I personally put a shell bell on my cloyster, it heals it tremendously with each attack and if you have shell smash it helps a lot

  14. It's hard, but you could probably rent a place. I live in San Diego as well and got very lucky with my two bedroom house. Where I'm not by myself, it's not too bad. My advice would be to save while you can, but also always look for opportunities.

  15. Just to give u the update i got rejected, she said she wasnt ready and also because im a diffrent religion to her so her parents wont accept us to be together

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