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  1. Yeh gets exchanged back 1:1 when.2.0 goes live. This remains an unconfirmed date.

  2. Alright thanks for the information mate, will just trade the eth for beth. And thanks to you for a better rate, thanks a lot!

  3. Yeh no reason why there should be a limit. As you say maybe due to being transferred in today (and waiting for a number of blockchain confirmations or something).

  4. Great info, how come you get a better than 1:1 ratio like this? When the eth2.0 stuff is finished we do get 1 eth for every beth right?

  5. I've started using a pixel since 8th December and have had 240+- purchase events in the pixel so far. But when I try to create a lookalike audience it says I've only had 45 or so purchases. The purchase event seems correct because nearly all orders on my site are also in the pixel (25% less in pixel). I've also been running ads and had 40 purchases through them and the conversion value somewhat correlates to what's been ordered on the site. Do you have an idea why there's only a fifth of the purchases 'there' when I try to make a lookalike audience?

  6. Let's say a sniper is always a 2 shot except headshot. How are snipers supposed to be used then with everyone popping a stim shot and hiding after getting shot?

  7. It’s unbelievably frustrating

  8. Just disable crossplay broski's. Having a blast without console players.

  9. My guess is that since sbmm more casual players keep coming back. No matter how hard you suck the game will find you a lobby where you will fit in. If I'd have to make a guess this is all about money. So super casual players(big portion of player base?) keep playing and most importantly keep spending money.

  10. As someone who was lucky enough to get an FTW3 Ultra, I'm trying to selling it for a little profit to get the Asus Tuf at a later-day since I'm not in a hurry to own a GPU.

  11. Yes yes yes very smart posting this on a sub where 90% didn't receive theirs yet. You suck

  12. I have 14 days played and a 1.66 kd and It’s been a while since I saw a corner camper. Most people who keep saying that either have a low kd or haven’t played since December but parrot what other say so they can increase their karma

  13. What's your W/L ratio? (just curious)

  14. It's a funny coincidence his name is "tuft", in my language (flemish) this means spitting. As in he "tuft" on me.

  15. I've been hacked once but that was in tbc. If I remember correctly they solved it within a day of me providing information (serial keys etc). Blizzard refunded all my gold and armor through the in game mail system :p

  16. already did it an hated every moment because of the stealth nerf. before it was fine but using it after it was so bad. tried it in HC and it was still pretty bad because lmg ads is trash even with ads attachments vs all the smgs and handguns.

  17. Does it still count if you get more than a quad feed?

  18. Can't believe I did all those fucking shield turret kills, white phosphorus and a fuck load of other annoying ones for a emblem on my calling card. I was genuinely disappointed. Will not be grinding the new ones that's for sure..

  19. I think it's a bug that shows your load out on everyone I had it a few days ago with a mp5 with the exact same camo ;P

  20. Shield turret kills were ok for me, 50 phosphorus kills on the other hand...

  21. I only have the groundstreak challenge left, 41/75 I think. That's the hardest challenge, the other ones aren't that bad just time consuming. Whoever reads this equip hardline and kill 2 people and sprinkle the map with shield turrets so I can finish it, thank you.

  22. I honestly don't get it either. I always play alone and I have a 1.4 kd and 1.6 WL, how's that possible if the sbmm is so strict? The main difference for me is that there's less idiots in my lobbies compared to previous titles. I feel like it used to be a stomp or be stomped, very little competitive games. In MW the games are more close to each other. I think I've had more matches tied in domination on this cod than all previous titles combined. I do have to admit that team deathmatch, ffa, kill confirmed sucks in this game

  23. I know someone that has a 1.41 kd and WL 1.61, does that make him a God? Asking for a friend

  24. The chat thing is the worst, sometimes it dissappears after spamming enter a while

  25. Have you tried a fresh windows install? Might solve the issues

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