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  1. I’ve been switching jobs every two years-ish for double digit increases and managed to 4x my salary since 2015. Would never have happened if I stayed put waiting for a promotion with a maybe 30% bump

  2. You can do this early in your career. Eventually you’ll reach a point in mid 30s or so where jumping to new companies only allows you to maintain your salary in real terms. Otherwise, you’ll just fall behind by a few percent each year as inflation outpaces the 2% raises most companies give.

  3. I think only 1st level comments are supposed to be answered by “liberals.” Within the threads, anyone else can chime in, IIRC.

  4. You’re literally flaired as trump supporter.

  5. Sorry, I was thinking you were talking about a different sub (

  6. If there was no significant mass fraud, wouldn’t it be the case that no amount of audits would find significant mass fraud anyway?

  7. There have been zero actual audits as far as I can tell, and they’ll probably never happen.

  8. No I mean the states could spend a fraction of the time and energy they’ve used in courts and PR and just go through some of these lists that the Trump campaign and other groups have asserted contain statistical anomalies.

  9. One thing I've noticed here on Reddit and elsewhere is that the kiddos these days have absolutely no idea how modern monetary systems work. The typical 25 year old Redditors think money is just made up, and all the world's problems would vanish if the evil "billionaires" were taxed 90% and the govt rained cash down on everyone else. It's sad to see just how bad the education system has become. They're indoctrinated.

  10. Can you explain this a bit? Not sure what you mean about Demerol and Epinephrine. Are they safe on maois?

  11. Demerol is definitely not okay. If you need a strong pain killer, morphine, dilaudid, fentanyl are fine.

  12. Thanks for that! Did you have any convincing to do, or told you should do a washout?

  13. Nope. One time it was kind of an emergency so no washout possible. I just told them I was on a MAOI and they seemed to know what to do.

  14. What does politics have to do with this? How do you know the new mods are lefties and that their political affiliation is their motivation behind altering this sub so it would die?

  15. It’s Reddit, dude. This is standard operating procedure for every sub that doesn’t toe the line.

  16. Relevant WSJ article from today on this:

  17. How does someone pay almost 30% tax on capital gains?

  18. So to start off, let me be clear that Trump at no point was fit to be president. In a rational society, he would have stayed a joke the rest of his life.

  19. What evidence is there trump or anyone else “colluded” with Russia?

  20. Yes, and I didn’t realize it til I went off them for a few months. It’s bizarre - deep depression really does diminish the color in the world.

  21. You see this in the defense industry all the time. Engineers who have completely lost hope in their abilities so they just stay there doing the same old thing for years on end. All the young engineers know of the higher salaries they could get, but many just opt for complacency. Like they know they could spend just a little bit of time on leetcode easies to get a non-FAANG but higher salary, yet they choose not to. A few of my friends jumped to the conclusion that higher pay means higher stress. Even when I've told them that isn't the case. Just pure cope.

  22. Defense is a special case, though, IMO. There really are a lot of mediocre developers and especially “admins” who are paid pretty decently with very few skills - often times they’ve no real CS background, they just learned some Python or javascript over the years.

  23. Nothing. There good languages to get started and even build big apps if you know what you’re doing.

  24. I really think 7% is possible. With inflation numbers so high and not coming down you might have to fight it with positive real interest rates.

  25. 7% sounds impossible to the younger folks here, but even as a kid in the 90s, the interest rate we’d get at our local bank was 7% or so. And even then older people were talking about how interest rates were so low, considering they came of age during stagflation when rates were double digit for a decade.

  26. 7% would just make me put a much larger downpayment. I'd be fine. It'll really really suck for anyone who doesn't have a high salary and can't do that though. Obviously.

  27. I’m thinking the same as I’ve been holding my down payment for a decade now waiting for the crash to come, lol. It never came, but in the mean time, my money has just accumulated and grown exponentially in the stock market. I could pay cash for the whole hooooom if I wanted.

  28. Yes I’ve had bad insomnia since I was a late teen, and it became exacerbated when I had to start taking neurological meds in my 20s.

  29. Seems kind of strange that a lot of talking points being pushed about the Georgia election being “proven” totally legit, nothing to look at here, etc… just as the SOS has finally decided he has seen enough evidence to push for real investigations and lawsuits over Fulton county 2020. 🤔

  30. Are you in Argentina? I’d be interested how raises work there… Does everyone just assume they get 10% raise every few months or what?

  31. When I was heavily dating and sleeping around, the STD issue inevitably came up. Some women would ask me, or I’d eventually ask them. I got tested every 3-6 months and kept my “receipts” up to date if anyone wanted proof.

  32. I can’t speak for all states, but when I vote in person, my ID is scanned and verified by a human (with an observer I imagine so both parties represented). They give me a ballot which was tied to my scan and then I feed it into the machine.

  33. I don’t understand how you can credibly believe that it wouldn’t be hard to commit mass fraud (not to mention ballot harvesting which is borderline illegal and a very bad idea) if you use mail-in voting.

  34. This is where I’ve been at the last 4-5 years, though technically I continue to get pushed into “team lead” roles which have no extra power or salary, but just more work and responsibility.

  35. Hm yes we certainly couldn't feed the absurdly high premiums we pay into our existing health care system into a more centralized government run health care program through taxes, no other civilized country on earth does this and they certainly don't have better patient outcomes than the #1 freest country on the planet.

  36. There’s lots to hate about our health care system in US. But don’t let the typical Reddit myth of glorious socialized health care cloud your views. I’ve lived in EU and Asia and have seen numerous different ways it can be implemented - they all have advantages and disadvantages, and the US could be a lot worse, IMO.

  37. This is an equity vs equality issue. Due to the history of our country, at the present time there are clear differences in a person’s average “position” due to race. As many of the sources you shared emphasized, POC have been disproportionately affected by COVID. Race was a deciding factor in your chances of recovering from COVID it due to financial difficulties, being in areas with medical services that were underprepared for an emergency of this scale, or what have you. In the same vein experts saw immunocompromised people and the elderly having lower chances of recovery than the rest of the population and I think it was fairly universal for those groups to be first in line for both the vaccines and boosters. I suppose you didn’t quite specify your stance on these sorts of policies, but if they bother you I’m curious what your opinion is on immunocompromised/elderly being first in line? If you disagree with even that then what would your ideal approach have been, a free for all?

  38. You’re literally the Deboooooonker meme in person at this point. Not a good look. 😉

  39. Looks like you’re all bundled up for cold weather, but there’s a palm tree in the yard. I like it!

  40. This was downtown Minneapolis the night after main George Floyd riot.

  41. That guy literally made up a bunch of numbers to prove he's a fucking retard. I make just under 100k in Canada and my tax rate is around 25%

  42. Your tax rate is really 25% once you add in provincial taxes, payroll (similar to our social security, and health care?

  43. 100k is not a 50% tax rate. Someone earning 100k in Ontario would pay $23,028 in tax assuming no deductions or retirement contributions. And they don't have to pay for health insurance.

  44. I’m probably overestimating the final tax rate for single bro with no kids making $100k in Toronto. But they do have provincial taxes of 10% or so, plus the same sort of FICA (old age pension) taxes we have.

  45. So some intern writing the 90th draft of the bill at 3am made a mistake. It wasn’t the final version anyway.

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