The canon way of 47 taking out all targets in Berlin

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  1. Neither, the best is Splinter Cell. But seriously, it makes much more sense comparing MGS to Splinter Cell than any of those two to Hitman series. Hitman is more of a puzzle than stealth genre like Metal Gear Solid and Splinter Cell. These two are the main rivals. Hitman was always more about social stealth which made it so much different than those series.

  2. I can get stable 60+ fps with Ray Tracing ON and DLSS OFF with everything low/min and 640x360 resolution.

  3. Don't run the game on ultra, sometimes there's no difference between high and ultra

  4. I got RTX 3060 Laptop and i7-11800H, I was testing at Ultra and 1440p (full frame 2560x1440) without any reshade filters, usually I play at Medium and 2060x1440 with some reshade filters.

  5. Thank you so much. This was so clearly laid out. Question for you: if I find cheaper, used physical versions of Hitman 1 and 2, will those work as well?

  6. It will work too but you might have to install them and in game select the option to redeem access passes.

  7. Hmm I thought there was- I guess the smaller reticule is technically an accuracy boost. Neither way, I like all the Silver/ICA pistols.

  8. In H3 all ICA19 pistols are the same when it comes to accuracy and "Steady Aim" perk has nothing to do with it but actually doubles bullet speed (though by default it's already so high that doubled it's not noticeable) according to datamined stats. Go figure. The only differences are visuals and sound (Black Lily has different sound) plus suppressed/unsuppressed have slightly different damage modifiers.

  9. The PC Game Pass version is the same as Xbox version so you should keep your progress. It counts as Xbox platform. Not sure if you can buy it separately in Microsoft Store for PC if you don't have Game Pass though. Steam and Epic versions are separate, if you get it on either of them you'll have to unlock everything again.

  10. there is a pc version in the Microsoft store so maybe that way

  11. Oh, yeah. I just checked on PC, couldn't check on the phone before. If you buy it on Microsoft Store without Game Pass you should keep all your progress from Xbox since it's basically the same platform.

  12. If you place a duck next to the flag near the helipad then got to the head surgeons computer you can play it. If you win it drops a bunch of explosive ducks on Soders.

  13. You can also place micro audio distraction near the flag instead of the duck to trigger minesweeper easter egg.

  14. Only when doing some escalations for the first time.

  15. That's location import, you will be able to do that just fine. Follow this guide:

  16. I like to set up stories for review by the police and by the enemy shadow agencies. Multiple freak accidents on the same day are unbelievable, but a single story or accident that takes out all targets at once is best. For example:

  17. I love that. I did something similar in Berlin. First made Swan to blow himself up by smoking near propane tank and took his weapon. Then went to Rolf's office, emetic him first so he goes to throw up, sedate him and get his clothes and get a guard to wake him up, then after he gets dressed up lured him behind the desk and shot him multiple times as well as the wall behind him and made him drop dead behind the desk in a way that his body wouldn't get spotted when going through the door. Then put some coke on the desk, arranged the meeting with Montgomery and shot all agents with the sawed off shotgun from under the desk, left the shotgun near Rolf's dead body and SMG near one of the agents body. Like I was never there. The guards entering the room after hearing shots found everyone dead there.

  18. Worth finishing. Silent Assassin has the best story in the series. Just get through that level, Hidden Valley is the worst Hitman mission ever.

  19. Did you unlock all items in the game? There is currently a 200 item limit bug so if you unlock more than 200 items, the ones that were unoocked first become locked and you can't bring them to the mission via briefcase or ICA pickup. So if it's a large item you can't use it in normal loadout slot or hidden stash you're locked out of it. This will be resolved in the next patch in couple days.

  20. I've made couple "No Foul Play" videos that would match what you're talking about. You could easily get all targets in accidents, also many proxy kills should be possible. I went a bit further with a set of rules for these runs and decided to only go for those accident kills that could realistically pass as a true accidents.

  21. You need to emetic someone else before your target so the other NPC occupies the first spot and then your target will go to another free spot.

  22. Got it done in 5:28. There's an easy but long way to get Lafayette fall accident in the mansion on balcony where he waits for Caruso. Getting him where he spawns requires some distractions.

  23. To create the contract you need PC, then it can be recreated for any platform except Xbox.

  24. Sure... idk what this has to do with contracts but ok

  25. Sorry, I was responding to the other message about HCCE.

  26. Just the regular NPCs that are marked with dots on the minimap and you don't need to kill them for knights to spawn, you can just KO them. Knights spawn when there's no regular NPCs left conscious on the map.

  27. HITMAN 3 Access Pass: HITMAN 1 GOTY Edition is all H1 maps plus DLCs for H1 content.

  28. Out of all DLCs H2 Expansion (New York and Haven) is worth the most.

  29. The best weapon to use against knights is any suppressed ICA19 pistol due to insane headshot damage multiplier. It takes 2 headshots close range to kill them. With base damage of 75 close range and total headshot multiplier of x48 (weapon x16 headshot multiplier and NPC inherent x3 headshot multiplier) headshots with suppressed ICA19 pistols deal 3600 damage close range. Apparently knights have 5000 HP and damage resistance while regular NPCs have 100 HP, Dino Bosco and Romania armored guards have 400 HP and different inherent headshot multiplier. Second best weapon to use against them is shotgun.

  30. Probably any of the ICA19 pistols, but it's just a guess. They're the most accurate anyway.

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