1. 100% could be prevented if we quit shunning all of the people who seek out treatments instead of just a "vaccine" that clearly doesn't work. And yes all data from around the world shows it doesn't work no matter what your politicians and MSM talking heads say. I'm not saying abandon it but we clearly need to move on. Nearly 70% of US citizens are vaccinated and those people still contract the virus,still spread the virus to everyone and still die with it and at Nearly the same rate as the unvaccinated and that's with limited tracking of vaccinated deaths in the US. But thankfully other countries track these sort of things so we can make assumptions to what our numbers would be. For a country that shouted "trust the science" for 18 months we have sure as hell abandoned it in every sense of the word. Before y'all call be a "antivaxxer" I have every vaccine needed except the Sars-cov-2 Vax and I had Covid-19 and have antibodies so there's absolutely no reason for me to ever get it.

  2. Except the vaccine doesn't make this possible in any way. However natural immunity does.

  3. they plan on giving vaccines at schools. I swear to god if my child gets vaccinated without my permission someone will lose their life

  4. My kids school sent a form home to allow them to give vaccinations without the parents present. I took it back to the school ripped it in half in front of the principal and told not to ever send shit like that to my house again

  5. Just a reddit suggestion. I'm not really new, I left for a bit and came back recently

  6. Be careful, humans. How you allow these vaccine mandates paves a road to your eventual chipping as an entire species.

  7. My guess would be 90% of people are against everything the governments are doing but the media is blocking the truth due to them being controlled by the government. The people that should be standing up for us aren't or they're being silenced.

  8. Hold on. So, having nearly every citizen maskedband vaccinated didn't work but your solution is to push it more? Y'all fucking stupid and I'm fairly certain that a investigation would show this is fake

  9. My cousin had a severe reaction where his face,tongue and lymph nodes swelled the following day and then 2 days later he had a heart attack with no previous health conditions. My Aunt had a stroke 10 minutes after her second shot. My great uncle died 1 week following his second shot of unknown causes. My neighbor got the second dose and died 2 weeks later of unknown cause. A co-worker received the second dose and had a stroke the same day. I don't believe I know a single person that didn't have a moderate to severe reaction following the 2nd shot. I also don't know a single person who hasn't contracted Covid-19 since receiving the 2nd dose

  10. I don't think he's a bad guy. He's probably just greedy and power hungry like every other pussified motherfucker on the planet. I have a feeling he's pushing back against the government some and so they're trying to make an example of him

  11. While y'all brainwashed assholed talk shit you don't know the medical conditions or immunity position of these people. Despite what furor Fauci and Don Lemon told you they HAVE NOT performed through testing on various medical conditions to include pregnancy and diabetes. They have also recently admitted that natural immunity is better than the therapeutic immunity

  12. Has anyone listed to the new #1 podcast on Spotify? It is complete trash. It's like 13 yr olds talking to each other... the end. It must have been a fluke or bad listener info

  13. I like some JRE but the Comedian episodes are straight garbage. He does introduce us to some interesting characters so you have to give him that

  14. fitness guru Bill Phillips just got out of the hospital a few weeks ago, he was on a ventilator for 47 days.

  15. That's fine. Now go research the number of people that die after being on a respirator beyond 10 days. Also check out the permanent lung,heart,throat and brain damage associated with it.

  16. it's almost like those put on respirators die at the highest rate because (clears throat) BECAUSE THEY WERE IN THE WORSE CASE SCENARIO BEFORE BEING PUT ON THE RESPIRATOR, IT'S LITERALLY WHY THEY WERE PUT ON THE RESPIRATOR

  17. Actually if you look into it they were going against everything they know when administering treatments and placing people on ventilators who would have been fine with a oxygen supplied mask. You should probably look into things beyond cnn

  18. They state this as fact from doing a 1 month study of 679 people. Are they joking?

  19. Ok. So when are we going to start posting the truth about the boosters? Like how if you're under 65 and healthy they have little to no affect on your immune response to Sars-cov-2. And the affect it does have only lasts for about 1 month.

  20. Got my booster yesterday, it’s easy to forget how painful the shot area gets. No side effects yet, it’s been 18 hours.

  21. Now did they give you a pamphlet telling you how it's only good for 30 days? Sucker!! Lol

  22. Now insert "flu".... similar story except there's a greater chance of death in 0-20 year olds from seasonal flu than there is from Sars-cov-2.

  23. Well it's happened everywhere else and the "cases" and "deaths" are on a steady decline as natural immunity appears to take hold.... so ummm yeah. It appears it will happen

  24. GOP only cares about life in the womb. Outside of that, they couldn’t care less about anyone’s life, unless they can make $ off of it.

  25. DNC only cares about power and race baiting. Survey says the masks don't matter. You know what every study has shown to matter? Ventilation,not being obese and not being vitamin deficient. But that doesn't fit the narrative so let's not talk about it. Shhhhhh

  26. 3, 4, 6, 8 and 9 are all misleading or false.

  27. So all you need to do for a credit reset is talk shit about Killary? Count me in!

  28. Coming soon to the United States and elsewhere. We created the problems ourselves. Enjoy!

  29. I've watched him. He isn't all that great. He's maybe on the same level as that broke ankle MF'r Wentz

  30. Now if we had a honest study it would state all of the factors of why life expectancy has dropped and how it's been dropping for over a decade. God, I miss actual scientific studies 😢

  31. Doubtful since free covid vaccines, if it really comes down to really needing boosters will be a fuck load cheaper to the government than paying for hospitalization. 30 dollar shot vs 50k hospitalization for just one person. And 50k is low balling it. My mother had a hospital bill for over 350k and all she had was a few blood infusions, 2 days in an ICU, and 2 weeks of being monitored. No oxygen. No crazy care. Just make sure the bleed stopped.

  32. Oh boy! You greatly overestimate the number of people that have been hospitalized in total and the number that was more than a treat and release patient. The U.S. alone has paid somewhere around $50billion for these vaccines. It would cost less than that to have 2 million people stay in the hospital for a minimum of 2 weeks. There have been somewhere around 1million "Covid-19 hospitizations" and nearly 50% of those have been confirmed to not even be in the hospital for Covid-19 and 98% of the people who were in the hospital for Covid-19 were treated and released the same day. I know the TV makes it seem like hospitals are full up with extended stay Covid-19 patients but the data shows that just isn't the case.

  33. Federal contractor here.. They've requested we tell them if we're vaccinated. If not they asked us to social distance 3ft and wear a mask if we cannot. If we feel sick we're to stay home. We were told if we had proof from a doctor of antibodies from natural infection they'd accept that as good as vaccinated.

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