Above Ground Pool Invention

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  1. So you come on here looking for help and discard any comment that gives you advice apart from the one that validates your point

  2. So you dont know that I was not discarding other comments and only choosing this one, I was just saying thanks because he tries to help me, other than you who just says anything he wants with absolutely no thinking about it

  3. Plenty of people gave you suggestions. This is the only you didn't respond to with a negative connotation / didn't respomd to at all

  4. This is technically the truth so uhhhh, he’s not lost 🤦‍♂️

  5. No because he said he can eat it in ONE sitting but he said he will stand up and sit back down that's TWO sittings not one so not the truth

  6. No way, i randomised, then got a fresh deck, then randomised then it was the same deck as the first. Can’t be a glitch

  7. Too much to list. But it the right thing to do. I’ve lived with her for 8 months. Known her for 6 years.

  8. Are you still going to be friends with here or did too much happen that that won’t work either?

  9. I always try to be friends with my exes.

  10. Maybe you can try to talk with her and come back with her? My mom and dad came back together after they “broke up”

  11. Now people put discussion as the flair so they don’t fit in with the ask people it’s getting annoying

  12. What other flair did I need to put? Humor? This is not funny (although its a meme)

  13. Its just unfair, I once made a post where i trolled people in showdown and it costed me an hour and about 100 throphies and the post got 200 upvotes, then i had a lil glitch that i just screenshotted and it got 800 upvotes. :|

  14. ??? What is so unfair? thta you didnt get as many likes as the other post?

  15. This post was made 1 month ago and you are still anwsering it? what a legend

  16. Hey what’s up guys! Today we are gonna try if we can win from this boa- This came in my head when I first saw this picture

  17. That feeling when u buy something and there is something better to buy later, I have that feeling all the time 😂

  18. Hopefully you can find friends soon! Therefore we, whole Reddit, is a friend too. Happy birthday day!

  19. But uh… the cannon was already dead so u just wasted 3 elixer 🗿

  20. Yes but the goal wasnt to protect the cannon. If he didnt block the balloon would hv connected at least once. Also it wasnt a waste since the skarrel is now a free attacking troop

  21. Ok after I saw the video over and over again I’ve concluded that you are right, I’m sorry

  22. Wow a “discussion”, lets discuss about how this person doesn’t know brawl stars, or that we can’t have free Bibi pins, we do not like that supercell! >:( you gotta fix this for this person! (Everything I wrote here is sarcastic)

  23. Eh? Maybe you don’t know (but everyone knows so ur just lying) THESE POST ARE DUMB AND ONLY FOR KARMA! YOU JUST ASK A RANDOM QUESTION AND SLAP A RANDOM PICTURE ON TOP

  24. And why are you so mad it's okay if it's just for karma I enjoy these :^ Plus it ain't a big deal

  25. It’s annoying, do you want to see this kind of posts over and over again? Your answer is probably yes, but almost everyone hates these kind of posts 😶

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