1. I guarantee he has not been sober once since his firing

  2. I’m sorry baby I’m a slawt

  3. 🤖 Wildo is my new best friend he makes me scream with delight

  4. I need an EKG after watching that game, I think i had multiple heart attacks

  5. The bloody mary looks good. How spicy did you make it?

  6. After I get done annihilating you, I'm gonna have a nice fuckfest with your bitch girlfriend

  7. He looks like a background character in Adam Sandlers 8 Crazy Nights

  8. He has vastly improved upon his technique & professionalism since his early catches

  9. It's true, Urban Meyer flew above my house just now

  10. 🤖 Wildo is my new best friend he makes me scream with delight

  11. Man he annoys the fcuk out me with that sharing blame bullchit "well yew gawt catfished tew" or "we shout at each other"

  12. I'm trying tew save ahhhs. I wanna fawking marry yew!!!

  13. It always throws me off how his hair looks blue in this photo

  14. Why is he talking about this? Nobody needs to know that he jizzed his underwear. Why does he have to describe this like it’s some deeply traumatic memory

  15. He nevah told anyone he did it so he's been fawked up ever since 😢

  16. "It's awkward for a 19 year old to have sex with a 29 year old but it's perfectly fine for a 37 year old to talk sexual to a 13 year old" #LorneLogic

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