GME vs The Dutch Auction

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  1. Either she beats my ass or Cloud beats my ass or Cloud goes all sadboi and murders my ass

  2. Sparkys get paid more and usually dont destroy their bodies as much as the other trades

  3. If you know the exact date of your death are immortal until then, so yes

  4. i used to always carry around a usb in school (primary school) that had old games like doom, duke nukem etc which i got from a retro game site (the games ran on dos so its would run on school computers) and me and my friends always secretly played them in class. Ahh the good old days

  5. Flawed premise, project unfeasible, location indeterminate, self sustaining definition undefined

  6. Looks like a potential memory issue, consider upgrade to 32gb ram if possible, else your card itself may be a limiting factor.

  7. If you're talking about the power limit then it is already at 100%

  8. The human genome project took 15 years and had 5.5bn USD funding. When asked why congress should fund it they answered "To cure cancer".

  9. Let me tell you the story of the ill-fated Endless Eclipse the Flagship Leviathan-class Dreadnought of the L’athak.

  10. Its going to be funny as fuck when the price voted on is FBI - financial crime division phone number. NO CELL NO SELL FUCK THEM.

  11. The number of citizens should have to drop rapidly if the scavs, the animals or even V raged through the city. The police surely is corrupt and looking away. Free apartments in heaps.

  12. It's a game where the opponent (MMs and SHFs) can see our discussion and predictions, then counteract them using methods we can't see.

  13. The plan isnt to DRS the float, the plan is to DRS the float + the ETFs and the institutional shares

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