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  1. I don't know how reliable it is, im currently trying to find where it has saved a video i just made in an attempt to try it out. do you know about it's default recording options?

  2. If you look at silent weapons for quiet wars, it outlines how and why to keep mathematical knowledge at a minimum. the real reason is, they don't want you to be able to think for yourself.

  3. *insert surprised but absolutely not actually surprised face here*

  4. what a fucking coward. absolute scum of the earth.

  5. Ofcourse, because if people were either able to protect themselves or not shit scared, then they wouldn't have been able to use the emergency care act to authorize the use of untested, experimental vaccines. fuck me right?

  6. That poor fucking dolphin. notice how it's top fin is flaccid? that ONLY happens in captivity. I have no sympathy for the people he killed. stop imprisoning animals for (any reason) entertainment. They are sentient and not your fucking play thing.

  7. A magnetron from an old microwave with a few other parts can send directed energy at something. Should be enough to fry hardware.

  8. It will have shielding, surely. You may need brute force.

  9. The final steps are taking place. Look at silent weapons for quiet wars, this is well outlined as one of the few steps before "depop".

  10. notice how the person being as nice and "PC" as possible still gets an angered response? and to be fair, age is different than immuno compromisation and the overreach of an authoritarian government. incase you didn't realise.

  11. Opps, said something incorrect. [edit]

  12. I like how the article says being against the vaccine passport is " ULTRA RIGHT WING!" Bitch couple months ago vaccine passport was a tin foil hat conspiracy. Fuck you and the horse you came in here on.

  13. Man I'm a full blow hippy. i was born on a commune, i poop in an outhouse, my name is chappy. I am more against the mandates than you could possibly imagine. I'm certainly not right wing. Now I'm going to go meditate and then have a lunch of tofu. Literally.

  14. and yet again the "selfaware" are not self aware. what he should have said was, "yall firing medical professionals that question your bullshit?".

  15. omg they even called it ego, can they signal any harder? they clearly intend for the sheep to use this. you are a resource, you are a slave, you are under their thumb and you fucking love it.

  16. wow, is there a more blatant way to trick people into not thinking about the world around them? can you try any harder to make people dumber and more subservient? pathetic.

  17. I don't believe this. I believe that it is a lie.

  18. the idea that we only use a small part of our brain is false.

  19. its a federal preparedness study to test from respond times if this would happen. Basically people crapping themselves over something innocent. Again.

  20. I hope you guys realise that this is super meta, meta in the way that the current MRNA vaccines DON'T work this way anymore. they DON'T use the actual virus anymore, they synthetically create a similar spike protein but only for a single part of the virus (generated by turning your own cells into spike protein generators via dna alteration). whereas a natural immunity generated by actual contact with the virus is how the old vaccines work, the new ones don't.

  21. When people started claiming this, i thought they were using a code word for the big bad IVMCTN.

  22. Oh yeah, lets it hear it from my brothers in perth. wait a second, im from the east coast, so i irrationally hate their guts. it's a real thing people, look it up.

  23. So you want to directly connect who can speak to how much money you have? oh yeah, that sounds real fucking smart, i can't possibly see any problem with, not one.

  24. i think that goes a while back where there were some skechy third party tools integrated (especially about the crypto stuff)... but apparently they fixed the issue and everything should be fine now..

  25. It's amazing that you conflate fake news with conspiracies. do you know what a conspiracy is? two or more people secretly planning to break the law. that's it. claiming that there are no conspiracies is like claiming that there are no murderers.

  26. Don't worry about your past lives, there is little chance that any information will actually help you at this point. To me, reincarnation feels like a trap, I don't intend to reincarnate either (If it's real of course). From what I understand, or have been lead to believe, is that the light at the end of the tunnel that you see when you die, is actually a trap and if you want to avoid reincarnation, you must go to the void. to the darkness. Don't be lured by manipulations, don't be tricked by the voice or whatever it has to say to you. I also worry about forgetting what i have learned when I die, and not being able to consciously "move" or do anything to resist the pull of the trap, but we can only try. I once read a really old book that stated that when you die, you must go to the north pole and exit the atmosphere at a 45 degree angle, ofcourse there is no way to know if this is true or just gibberish, but it might have something to it. The smart thing to do is spend whatever time you have left trying to learn about this stuff, if your other choice is to just die, why not use every second preparing? Know that when you leave, you didn't rush it, you didn't jump too early, you did what you could to make it better for both yourself and the people around you. Do you want to leave having done nothing good? Having wasted your possibly one opportunity to learn and grow? Just take it slow man, one day at a time.

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