1. im trying to decipher if thats a gas or water tank

  2. if you get the matching sweatsuit you can nap at work with no worries.

  3. Is this a CCV or PCV? And do I have to replace the entire pipe or can the rubber boot (now covered in tape since I cut it apart to replace the elbow there) come off and I can just replace that? The rubber boot seems fused to the pipe or just really stuck on there. Would appreciate some guidance :')

  4. 4.0 you're fine... mine has dripped for years, over ten. just check the levels

  5. Haha I figured puddle might not be the right word. 4.2 but the levels are still good

  6. sweet ride and engine... they love to mark their territory

  7. "you call that a blowjob, This Is A Blow Job" -Krokodil Gundee

  8. but they said if we wear these suits we would be edited out

  9. dress for less at panda express "you're gonna like the way you poop"

  10. I'm trying to figure out what these numbers on the label mean. I'm assuming this is the original PCM. I've only had the Jeep about five years.

  11. when it goes your car wont start. i keep a TPS sensor with me when i wheel, they dont like to get wet if they dont have the rubber seal like the expensive ones.

  12. Yeah I keep a TPS sensor, sounds like you're saying I should carry a spare MAP sensor too?

  13. better to have and not need than need and not have

  14. really nice and i like the plexi over the headlights, never seen that one. mine has been in the shop 11 weeks now getting the uni-body restored. coincidentally we both have the same plate number... mine is from Florida

  15. Thank you! The plexi’s were a factory option here in Australia among other things.

  16. and no small price... will be around 4k. 60 hours quoted. but i plan to take up the carpet and inspect it every year make sure it doesn't rust again, keep it nice for life.

  17. i got these for the 60 bucks and they work fine in the aw4 4x4... almost sent them back because size but these also go into a toyo. my problem ended up being the TCM so i have the OG set aside if they fail. been about 2 years with no problem and had to slightly bend bracket to get them lined up.

  18. dont ask what he has been fucking, it mite be in your basket

  19. Aren't they killing Uighurs because of their beliefs? Why use their medicine?

  20. that moment when you think you have a waterfall in the distance and you remember its just the base of that ugly wind turbine.

  21. 2 the bong that my friend droped and the corona bottle I used

  22. what about you and your friend being broke, for not just buying a new bong... lol

  23. A joke that has to be explained usually isn’t a very funny joke

  24. must be getting ready for a giant pizza party

  25. probally not a skid plate and is the cross member that supports the weight of your transmission. if you did not put a jack stand to support the trans your motor mounts mite now be shot and need replacing.

  26. Ya I know.. I just don’t know what to do with it in the meantime until someone that wants it finds me lol

  27. if you were in central fl i would come snatch it up, been wanting an MJ for a while now... but one of these inside an XJ mite be pretty cool

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