1. tried and regretted. Had to completely reinstall the game because I couldn't get rid of it.

  2. They way y’all are dehumanizing Russian soldiers is sad and honestly kinda terrifying. They are also human beings, they likely don’t want to be there. This needs to END.

  3. I've been looking through the "controverse" comments for that exact reason but only found sympathy for the guy. No dehumanization at all

  4. These gigantic pricks usually attack me before I get most of this dialog. I had never heard the "I think you're a heretic" line.

  5. yeah same. Anyone knows what triggers that behavior is it just scripted like that?

  6. You have the better picks. If he picks Megaknight he doesn't get a wincon as an option, Lavahound is really bad in draft, egiant is hard countered by Mortar.

  7. I usually go straight to the college and get all that out the way to archmage.

  8. What's in it for you? The robes are kind of cool but you can steal those right from the start

  9. I only use emotes in response to my opponents emotes, but I don't spam them. Like, if they use a laughing emotes mid game I'll usually respond with a laughing one as well.

  10. yeah any response is usually received as BM. If u want to emote without making them upset there are only a handful of emotes you can use..

  11. wdym, hes literally just doing what his opponent does, after his opponents does it

  12. Yeah but that's not how that works with these players

  13. for once i can respect your deck even tho i don't understand the purpose of the battle ram.

  14. i just haven't tried yet. Tbh this was more of a complaint post, should have asked what you can/can't do by ignoring the guild.

  15. Idk, if you don't want to be a thief just ignore the theives guild. If you don't want to be a mage, ignore the college.

  16. personally I love the companions for the werewolf aspect but I do see your point.

  17. open the console before the game loads. The game starts before you can see what's going on, if you open the console it continues loading until you can see but pauses the game. Saved me a couple of times.

  18. If you reach the limit i think it just turns into gold

  19. but what if you manage to get a 21st one later?

  20. gonna get downvotes for this but what exactly is that sentiment about?

  21. Ummmm that thing is stuck in her bunghole. I would advocate against what looks like a 7 or 8 year old seeing this any closer

  22. it's not actually, these ones go on a belt. You can tell by the way it hangs and pishes against the skirt

  23. mine did the same until she grew big enough to barely fit in. I guess they prefer smaller caves. Maybe put some cloth in there

  24. Ah, didn't see it in the picture. What I meant was something big so it fills most of the cave and the noodle can squeeze in a comfortable space.

  25. not possible, nothing to find. Now if you wanted a big booba lady there are thousands of options..

  26. i was considering it but literally the whole sub is like Sparky Blast = Cum

  27. Stepped? One rear kick and his head would have separated from his body

  28. getting stepped on is much more likely with these bulls I'd say

  29. doesn't the monk already have reduce crown tower dmg for reflected spells?

  30. I kept meaning to look for a mod that would change the claws slot to match whatever material the claw is

  31. your not asked to rank youtubers mate , you dont even know all players in said archtypes i think xbox,2.6 def need changes.

  32. well we can't rank players we don't know. He's basically asking for "representatives" of archetypes

  33. Sounds like you didn't activate the 3DNPC0 and 3DNPC1 plugin.

  34. I always forget to check the plugins.. thanks, I will look into that

  35. Really random question, but what does that sword mean?

  36. eh, everything dies. I wish they would get a better life quality

  37. Yeah everything dies, but cattle raised for slaughter are killed at 18 months of their roughly 20 year lifespan

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